5 Ukrainian Designers to know FAB L'Style Anna October

5 Ukrainian Brands that Show the Full Power of Fashion

Everyone who has been following the trends in fashion during the last years has noticed the growing influence of Eastern European countries. Talking about Ukraine, the country has produced a growing list of internationally recognized designers. This central European country is full of potential, and today we would like introduce to you 5 Ukrainian brands that ultimately represent the progressives of the country’s fashion industry. ‘Power’ is the most accurate word to define the essence of those brands.


The main concept of the brand is to recreate the image of a strong Ukrainian woman, emerging from the dynamic rhythm of modern life. The label focuses on comfort and freedom, making dresses its statement item. The textile of the design is envisioned to liberate women from all kinds of encumbrances and limits. Lightweight fabrics and simplistic forms became the signature design of Poustovit apparel along with floral prints that are present in every collection.

© Poustovit


Intelligent provocation. This is how Ivan Frolov describes the central philosophy of his brand. The designer interested in exploring the topics of the sexuality and gender relations. It’s important for him to create the image of a strong woman, whose figure will flurry the male imagination. Complex elements and accessories in his collections are results of the huge amount of hand-work. His posh outfits make it impossible to combine with any other attire.

5 Ukrainian designer to know FAB L'Style Ivan Frolov

© Frolov Lookbook AW17


Minimalistic vision and clean colours are the essential features of the brand. The head of the label, Svetlana Bevza, says that she follows the White Dress concept. If you take a look at the collections of BEVZA, you will notice the omnipresence of the bright and clear silhouettes. The clothes accentuate the sparkle that comes from within.

5 Ukrainian Designers to know Bevza FAB L'Style

© Bevza


Synergy of feminine and masculine, grace and strong spirit, bright shades and hard textiles; all this is conveyed through Litkovskaya‘s designs. The emblem of the brand is over-size jackets and shirts that can turn every outfit in something gorgeous, something that will capture the attention of everyone, making heads turn.

5 Ukrainian Designers to know Litkovskaya FAB L'Style

© Litkovskaya SS18 by Denis Manokha

Anna October

Anna October is working on the structure of the female body. The asymmetrical tops and trench coats with oversized sleeves, huge trousers with underlined waists, strikes instant recognition of the label. At the same time, it seems that Anna with her varicoloured dresses wants to remind every woman that there is still a place for a little child inside her.

5 Ukrainian Designer to know Anna October FAB L'Style

© Anna October

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