Volumetric Geometrics

The triangular shape of an A-line. Creating a structure that can hold the triangle to bring in a 3D illusion. After all, what’s fashion if you can’t have fun?


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Into His world..

Despite the term, “trouser suit” which had been used in Britain during the First World War, with reference to women working in heavy industry, the pantsuit was introduced in the 1920s, when a small number of women adopted a masculine style, including pantsuits, hats, canes and monocles.


BeaDazzled ‘Nyota’

When we look at the history of Beads found in early Egyptian tombs thought to date from about 4000 B.C.E, Faience (glazed ceramic) beads appeared in Egypt’s predynastic period and continued to be made in Roman times.

Art with a Twist-Who are we without memories?

Monika Kus-Picco believes art is something people can keep in the landscape of their soul. Pioneering in her processes, Monika has found a new way to create beauty out of expired pharmaceuticals.  Her quest to bring awareness to the issue of Alzheimer’s and it’s connection to the mis-use of pharmaceuticals, has brought about some of the most daring and beautiful pieces in her collections.

Interview with Monika Kus-Picco

Iris Nijenhuis

From an old Chesterfield chair to laser cut jewellery > Read on