FAB L’Style is an international, fashion, art & beauty – lifestyle magazine in english based in Vienna, Austria. Ever mindful of equality, we embrace the diversity of inclusive beauty, and having a sustainable mindset. Our authentic stories are filled with enlightening content to feed the soul. We showcase skills, talent and the creatives behind it all, as well as in depth interviews and elegant editorials.

FAB L’Style places an emphasis on local success stories, youth & adult organizations vs. international role models and current events with social impacts. We are forefront, creative and passionate about what we do. We know that the movement of awareness and change is ever growing. That is one important reason why we focus on emerging markets and networking between established and aspiring talent.

The co-founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of FAB L’Style, Harriet Hala, is a unique character of many talents, with an affluent history in fashion and charity. Being a cosmopolitan herself and after seeing the world through an objective yet critical eye, she is dedicated to empowering others.

The magazine platform was created to promote, encourage, and inspire talent. FAB L’Style highlights the diverse beauty in all things creative. Beauty that has no boundaries and comes with differences: in all colors, shapes and sizes.

We celebrate life

We celebrate differences

We celebrate beauty without restrictions

We celebrate – You

Meet our Founder – Harriet Hala