The hidden costs of exhibiting at a fashion show in Vienna

How much does it cost to exhibit at a fashion show in Vienna? If you want to go to the extent of creating your own runway or arranging models, you will be looking at...

Welcome to eFAB. SHIFT To Your Authentic Self.

r new Fablstyle digital magazine is out! SHIFT - towards your authentic self. Interview with Catherine Gajsek, Ceri Samvilian and more.

Top 5 African Photographers & Why They Stand out

Check out this top 5 African photographers and find out what sets them apart from the rest

Diversity Of Artistic Expression In The 21st Century

The diversity of artistic expression mirrors every aspect of change we experience through our the human era. How then is it reflected in the 21st century?

Andy Warhol’s Diaries Captured In The Netflix Limited Series

One of the most famous pop artists, who is also known for his provocative movies, came back to life in the Netflix series created with AI.

AUTISM – Not A Disability But A Different ABILITY

Exactly. I focus on the values of the people themselves. I think that’s a big difference. I don’t know if that’s an autism trait, it might be actually. But I feel that I see the ‘realness’ of the world.

Who is Ivan Dorn? And why is he making music revolution?

Ivan Dorn is a Ukrainian singer that has made a revolution in music. He denied all the aspects of commercialism and began to create fascinating groovy tracks. In all of his interviews, he claims...

“We are the best.” – Yury Revich about reshaping the idea of classical music performance

The Moscow-born, Vienna and London-based Violinist Yury Revich is somewhat the wunderkind of today's classical music. Named "Virtuosi of the 21st century", he has been guest starring on all the major stages of the...

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