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When Berlin meets Taipei, the freedom of style begins to unfold | #DAMUR

The intersection of Berlin's edgy style and Taipei's vibrant aesthetics, celebrating the start of a fashion revolution with #DAMUR
All Images: Courtesy of #DAMUR

We believe that everyone’s soul is free, but in reality, we are not so free. Within contemporary fashion we are always placed within boundaries;  Is it men’s clothing? Women’s wear? Sportswear? Or formal wear? Or is it a streetwise yuppie? Or is it the Haute Couture? When can we realize the so-called freedom of style? The black, white, blue and red checkerboard pattern is a realistic chess game for everyone’s life. The colorful and mischievous emoticons are open for everyone to take their place in the game and express themselves.

Berlin-based fashion brand #DAMUR returns to Taipei for the 10th time this Saturday. In the freest city in Asia, in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, the Berlin-based Taiwanese designer Damur Huang is ready to engage in a visual challenge of tradition and subversion with reality and the future. This is a romantic hymn to self and freedom, from life, gender, temperature, fabrics, hair and makeup, to theater-style performance design. Everyone is both a protagonist and a supporting character in a love affair between artificial intelligence and chic style that spans the spectrum of design recipes that combine sustainable regeneration.

From co-branded sustainable design and crossover to AI and installation art, there are no boundaries to fashion and no limits to imagination. 18 Eealine ent. models stepped out with KlassiC’s limited edition black and white sunglasses on the giant LED wall, while playing on the screen was the first part of a fantasy of the technological future. The #DAMUR design not only redefines contemporary street trends, but also gives a new runway to personalized fashion, mixing two different styles, so that everyone who wears the #DAMUR design will be able to find their style of unique inspiration, and leave this visual flavor to the forefront of the generation of yuppies, together with the conviction of “wear #DAMUR, become your artwork”, the concept of #DAMUR.

During this fashion week, #DAMUR and MSI jointly launched the “Second Life Packaging Series”, which skillfully combines animal themes with product packaging boxes to create practical and imaginative household items, transforming product packaging boxes into clothing hangers, cell phone stands, storage boxes and other accessories.  Achieving the future green attitude of plastic reduction, waste reduction, recycling and reuse. This is not only a contribution to environmental protection, but also a profound rethinking of the sustainable development of the fashion industry. Their dedication to enhancing user experience and pursuit of superior product quality, intuitive user interface and stylish design has made them a leading brand in the industry. Their focus on sustainability and environmental protection has also made them the first all-in-one product supplier to receive the “Green Mark” environmental certification in Taiwan.

The theme of the collection speaks to and alludes to traditional notions of time and evolution, suggesting that the future is capable of reinterpreting the events of the past. The main show was highlighted by scarlet drawstrings, which are incorporated in different ways on suit jackets and trousers, adding more interest and layers to the fabrics, contrasting with the #DAMUR signature openwork dresses and trench coats. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

In an innovative partnership, #DAMUR and CyberLink team up to merge fashion with cutting-edge tech. CyberLink’s “Vivid AI” app debuts with an AI Face Swap feature, introducing ten 2024 AW looks for users to try on. With precise AI image generation, Vivid AI lets users effortlessly transform their photos with their favorite styles. This collaboration caters to fashion enthusiasts, offering them a platform to showcase AI-enhanced looks on runways and social media. Additionally, both brands utilize generative AI for key visual videos, pioneering AI’s integration into fashion, sparking creativity in mainstream fashion.

Under the premise of constant aftershocks and blurred social boundaries, and with the declaration of “no contrast is a crime”, the show boldly utilizes the technique of strong color overlapping, with scarlet red, navy blue and beige as the main colors, but chooses relatively hard and soft fabrics, such as soft and fine corduroy, checkered jacquard, eco-leather, and street denim, celebrating the gender-neutral appearance, rich layering, and three-dimensional tailoring in a society that emphasizes on consistency and unfettered freedom. In a society where uniformity is the norm, we are celebrating what is left of our style. In the imagination of the present and the future, the designers boldly incorporate modern social media elements into high fashion, breaking down the boundaries between realities, so that fashionistas can find a resonance of expression in the battlefield of fashion. The brand’s insistence on sustainability has no end.

This time, the brand collaborated with Taiwan’s helmet manufacturer SOL to display raw materials or flawed hat shells with colorful paintings as part of the stage art installation and design, emphasizing each brand’s commitment and insistence on environmental responsibility. #DAMUR’s designs not only redefine contemporary trends, but also give a new runway to personalized fashion, mixing high fashion with street style. DAMUR designs not only redefine contemporary trends but also give a new runway to individuality and fashion, mixing high fashion with street style. Everyone who wears #DAMUR designs can find a unique fashion inspiration, and leave this unique style to the fashionable people of every era.

In addition to appearance, the models need to take care of themselves before applying makeup. #DAMUR chose Dr. CINK, a recognized professional beauty care brand in Taiwan, and Mellower Gaze, a natural light rejuvenation brand, for the show. In addition to the designated care for the backstage of the show, an exquisite gift box was also created for the guests of the show, allowing them to bring back the “#Beauty” package.

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5 year celebration by Viviers at SAFW with Andrea Adamo in OUR ELEMENT(AL)

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