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How a crochet needle inspired Wilma Huysman to become a jewelry designer. Do you know how?

As a 4-year old child, Dutch jewellery designer Wilma Huysman made patchwork for her teddy bears and puppets and did crochet work under the big dining table. Little Wilma lived in her own world full imagination, dreaming about creating her own private jewellery collection.

As a young woman, Wilma also tried in her own fashion wardrobe the combination of crochet techniques with sewing. This resulted ultimately in her enrolment in a fashion school. After several jobs in the fashion retail industry, Wilma felt the need to be creative again in her first passion: to become jewellery designer in a totally new discipline.

Wilma followed several courses in Goldsmiths. At the start, she struggled with the hard and cold silver materials. As a trained tailor she was used to soft materials like fabrics that she could model manually. For an order Wilma had to pull threads from the silver, this changed her struggle to a new opportunity. Like a back flash, Wilma realized her childhood experiments with her crochet needle. At first, she started to practice with fine silver and copper threads and nowadays Wilma uses 18 K gold in her collection.

Wilma combines in collection F/W 2018-2019 gemstones, diamonds, fur and freshwater pearls to her gold and silver collection. The materials Wilma finds all over the world as she travels a lot for example at the Inhorgenta Messe in Munchen and the Bijorca in Paris.

Wilma’s inspiration comes from the flowers in her garden, the nature and from the material itself. Her fashion and painting background influences Wilma excellent sense for colours.  As a child and also nowadays the designs of her jewelry collection pops up in her head, like pictures. Wilma buys only materials where she immediately sees the opportunities, no pictures no inspiration.

Wilma also tailored made jewellery for customers to complete their dresses or outfits. She always looks at the shape of customers face, the colour of her skin and the colour of the eyes, Wilma designs for these customers unique pieces. The sparkle of the woman’s eyes is the best compliment that Wilma Huysman can get.

The jewellery of Quebella is timeless, full of romance and very feminine. Quebella’s collection is worm by strong women who like to distinguish.

Last year Wilma Huysman visited Milano as a member of the trade mission with our King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. The year before Quebella was exhibited at the Palazzo Turati in Milano during Masterly The Dutch. 

Points of sale are the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam (NL), the hotel Il Perlo in Bellagio (Italy) and the Gallery of Music and Art at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas (USA). For an exclusive fashion boutique, Boutique Le Duc in Zeist (NL), Wilma created exclusive designs to complete their collection of Balmain.

How a crochet needle inspired Wilma Huysman to become a jewelry designer. Do you know how?

Wilma Huysmans exhibits her collection, Quebella, at Art Jewellery at high-end fairs like ‘Het Juweel’ in Driebergen (NL), Fine Art’ at the castle in Baarn (NL) and Masterly, The Hague (NL)

Imagine a jewellery designer as Wilma Huysman who looks @material and designs a masterly design for only you, that would be the most beautiful present you can give yourself.

How a crochet needle inspired Wilma Huysman to become a jewelry designer. Do you know how?

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