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Press: Simon Cracker Milano BUT NO Fall-Winter 23/24 

Simon Cracker Milano BUT NO Fall-Winter 23/24

“Learn to say no is learn to gain freedom; if you’re not angry, it means that you don’t pay attention; if it’s not what it would be, then it’s what it should be, and anger is an energy.”

These are the primary ideas that influenced Simon Cracker’s most recent collection. According to the company, fashion cannot overlook the threat facing the planet. In order to make its point, the brand decided to act a little more irately, declaring, “We want words to become facts: we’re reasonable and we demand the impossible; we’re an independent brand, and while we put forth a lot of effort, we do so with enthusiasm and consciousness, supported by people who believe in us and share our beliefs.”

Simon Cracker Delivers Punk Ideology in Its Original Sense

This Simon Cracker latest collection is founded on a strong punk ideology, in the sense that it was originally intended: nonconformism, the definition of one’s distinct identity that is not linked with society’s norms, escape from orthodoxy and common places, provocation, and systemic mocking. All of this is mirrored in knitwear constructed from leftover yarn swatches, coats fashioned from handmade blankets, white shirts with Peter Pan collars that are spray painted, and chandelier pieces that are broken up into drops of blood. Explore The hidden costs of exhibiting at a fashion show in Vienna.

Crowned But No’s godfather, Jamie Red

Jamie Red, anarchic designer and Sex Pistols art director, is the godfather of “But No,” and he also donated some clothing from his line “Ragged Kingdom” for the fashion show’s closing pieces. Milano’s second collaboration is with knitwear designer Gaia Segattini and her brand Knitwear. Gaia is an Italian upcycling pioneer who consistently supports independent businesses and alternative fashion. This fashion display features friends of diverse genders, generations, and physical traits. They finish off their own look with their own shoes and accessories, showcasing the brand’s authenticity and willingness to go above and beyond, even including an accident in their storytelling.


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