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Lardini Fall-Winter 23/24 Collection: Reasons Behind a Change

Lardini Fall-Winter 23/24 Collection

Lardini, a brand that symbolises high-quality craftsmanship and unique tailoring, made its debut at Milano Moda Uomo with Evolving Elegance, the new Fall/Winter 23-24 collection, at a press presentation and party with internationally renowned DJs Mace and Cristina Lazic at the enchanting Palazzo Mezzanotte. The brand, which is rooted in expertise built on history, Italian manufacturing, and a love of quality, is transforming itself through renewal in order to always stay one step ahead.

Fashion is a language that progresses with time, following its changes, variations, and transformations in communication, society, and relationships with oneself and others. Dress is a multi-dimensional system not only about clothes, but it embraces all the activities of individuals that involve a choice. Evolving Elegance is Lardini’s way of naming the process of renewal of its brand, in which it maintains the narrative of a taste and refinement that have always belonged to it, but which today experiences new forms and formulas while remaining faithful to its constituent principles. No subversion, but the refinement of an aesthetic that cultivates know- how and quality to almost maniacal levels in parallel with the desire to dress a changing world: just as people, their way of life, their habits change.

Indulging in evolving elegance means first and foremost carrying forward an innovative spirit that recognises the solidity of its roots and, thanks to them, finds new creative vitality. To come to embrace themes such as inclusiveness and diversity of tastes and bodies and thus gain cultural and aesthetic relevance for every generation. A result achieved through the consolidation of production into three lines confirms, if we had ever doubted it, that fashion is an eternal new beginning. Explore Making a Splash: Marketing Your Products at a Fashion Exhibition Event.

“43 years have passed since the start of our business, and during this long period we have had to overcome all kinds of crises. Today, the scenario that we are faced with is increasingly complex and subject to external factors that we are clearly unable to control. This leads us to be ever more attentive and prepared for change and to perfect our strategies,” comments Andrea Lardini, the company’s CEO. “The decision to be in the calendar of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, which we sincerely thank, with the event that will be held at Palazzo Mezzanotte, confirms the evolution that the Lardini brand is undergoing and which it intends to strengthen in the spirit of our Lardini ‘Evolving Elegance’.

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Press: Simon Cracker Milano BUT NO Fall-Winter 23/24 
Simon Cracker Milano BUT NO Fall-Winter 23/24

Press: Simon Cracker Milano BUT NO Fall-Winter 23/24 

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