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Borsalino Hosts Studio Radical Softness

Creative display of Borsalino's collaboration with Studio Radical Softness featuring innovative textiles

Borsalino is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Studio Radical Softness for Milan Design Week 2024, taking place from April 16th to April 21st.

Borsalino will host Studio Radical Softness, bringing together the heritage of Borsalino’s artisanal expertise with the avant-garde vision of Studio Radical Softness, founded by artist Niklas Jeroch in 2022. Based in Berlin, Germany, Studio Radical Softness is a trailblazer in contemporary design, known for its unique blend of 3D-printing techniques, playful aesthetics, and commitment to sustainability.

The collaboration introduces an exclusive collection that pushes the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship, offering a fresh perspective on high-end design. At the heart of the collection lies the Organic Angel Vase, a masterpiece inspired by organic shapes found underwater and in sci-fi and anime movies. This groundbreaking design redefines the aesthetics of interior décor, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature to create a truly timeless piece.

Crafted using advanced 3D-printing technology, each vase is meticulously produced with precision and care. The design, conceptualized in a digital environment, allows for infinite possibilities, ensuring that each piece is unique yet consistently exquisite. Made from PLA, a biodegradable material sourced from lactose and corn starch, the Organic Angel Vase exemplifies the collaboration’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

This project is adding a new chapter to Borsalino’s philosophy, for which the brand intends to promote emerging talents from different areas, all related to the Italian and international cultural scene. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

Visitors to Milan Design Week are invited to discover Studio Radical Softness products at the Milan’s Borsalino Boutiques, where the exclusive vases will be unveiled from April 16th to April 21st.

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