Fleet Week with the 2019 Resort Collections


During the last weeks, several brands and designers presented their Resort Collections giving us a dream of distant countries and much-needed vacation. As always, the resort collections carried the flair of luxury vacations, let it be a resort holiday at a secluded spa or a cruise through the Caribbean. Often times, the designers draw their inspiration from water and the connection of the sea with our life. This inspiration can be connoted through the light textiles, shell-like hardware and accessories, and, of course, sea prints that are often seen in the Resort Collections. Moreover, designers often use various marine aspects, such as squama textures, references to fishing nets, all possible shades of blue, etc. Even though your holiday trip was canceled and the work has totally absorbed you, by wearing these ocean wardrobe elements you can be mentally transported to the seaside.

A designer that was inspired the seaside and the intertwined design aspects is Antonio Marras, who created a resort collection that mixed classic marine elements with modern pieces.