5 Korean Designers You Need to Know

5 Korean Designers You Need to Know

Korea’s fashion scene has been growing for the last 20 years into a vibrant industry, that explores everything from contemporary elegance to technological, futuristic streetwear. We present you 5 of Korea’s most outstanding fashion designers.


Established in 2013, Blindness is one of South Koreas most praised upcoming streetwear labels. Created by KyuYong Shin and JiSun Park, the label focuses on genderfree fashion and merging traditional Korean elements with futuristic elements. Anders Christian Madsen described the SS16 collection as “a cross-cultural, hyper-historicist feast for the eye: medieval chainmail sportswear and disco streetwalker boots on boys, with tech-y sculptural bomber jackets adorned with princely pearls and piercings like some futuristic Velasquez portrait.”


Nohke’s contemporary aesthetic and elegant yet sharp cuts mix beautifully with their exquisite material choice and unexpected color combinations into a highly elegant and outstanding brand. Often using an architectural and deconstructive approach certain artistic vibe that lets Nohke stand out.

5 Korean Designers You Need to Know


Timeless pieces mixed with a modern color scheme and a mix of high street and urban aesthetic are the essence of pushBUTTON, Seung Gun Park’s brand that is making waves around the globe


The #Highcontemporary fashion brand D-Antidote is Korea’s hottest streetwear label, loved by countless K-Pop stars and filling the high demand of high-quality streetwear in Korea. Stepping outside of Korea, D-Antidote has already been collaborating with Fila and Twee.


Bourie, established in 2014, focuses on high-end tailoring and timeless pieces, that embody a distant romance and nostalgia. “BOURIE exposes conceptual artistic subject matters through a fabric, photography, film, and artwork.”

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