In memory of Georgia O’Keeffe – Issey Miyake Resort 2019

American Modernism and with it the works of Georgia O’Keeffe have returned into the public’s eye, especially through the recent exhibition of O’Keeffe’s iconic work at the Brooklyn Museum. Her unique eye for landscapes and intensity of colours naturally give the perfect inspiration for a fashion collection, especially given the rise of designers collaborating with artists or referencing their work in their collections. Issey Miyake, long known for his involvement with art (his latest capsule collection was in collaboration with the graphic artist Ikko Tanaka) drew inspiration from Georgia O’Keeffe’s body of work and ultimately also the shape and colours of New Mexico’s landscape. 

Based on earthy colours, Issey Miyake’s Resort 2019 collection elevates up to rich jewellery colours from an intense ruby red to deep emerald colours. Through his signature steam stretch technique, letting the hems bloom up in the shapes of tulips. Issey Miyake’s constant play between hard and soft, nature and minimalism reflect beautifully in the Resort 2019 collection.


© Images: Courtesy of Issey Miyake

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