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Anti Fashion – Why do they do this to us?

Anti-fashion confidently occupies the leading positions in the world trends. Ugly shoes, too granny dresses, crocs of all possible sizes, huge plaid bags and many more have fully stuffed Internet and fashion issues. 

The most widely spread question among people that observer tendencies in the collections of the anti-fashion designers and brands are «WHY?». Of course, it is a well-known fact that outfits on the catwalk are always hyperbolized and overwhelmed, because the model looks are produced with the aim to capture the attention. Anyway, anti-fashion has already crossed all of the frames and borders of rational clothing. Today we will try to make the sense of the ugly trends a little bit clearer.

It is all about psychology.

Well. There is really a lot to talk about. However, we would like to emphasize several essential features of anti-fashion that are located in the roots of our consciousness. Demna Gvasalia, a creative director of Balenciaga, always follows the opinion that the designers don’t have to forget to laugh about themselves and they mustn’t be too serious. In order to break through the chains of glamour luxury fashion, he adds the images of puppies onto his bags, he creates absolutely ridiculous outfits that, nevertheless, always get into the center of fashion discussions. And this is the point. The more hype and noise are produced about the fashion produced, the more it is wanted. Moreover, when someone is wearing ugly slippers with the logo of Vetementes or Gucci on top, his choice for ugliness is «approved» by the fashion sharks. So he feels that he has full rights to be ugly stylish.


As it was already said fashion world is in the condition of changing paradigm. Posh and fancy clothing is replaced with underground parts of wardrobe that are kind of confirmation that you are into it. Designers are trying to make a step away from the conventional rules of luxury fashion. For example, Virgil Abloh that retailed shirts of Ralph Loran much more expensive only by means of slapping his label on them. Brands keep going in the direction of rethinking and remaking concepts, main values, and strategies of their fashion houses.

Commercial hypebeast.

Of course, the commercial side of the fashion industry is one of the essential reasons for recent changes. Society tries to be unique, special and extraordinary. Hype, weird and strange way of clothing is another one way to emphasize your personality and to express yourself. Analytics can’t deny it. Consequently having some data, designers are able to construct their collections in the way, which will definitely increase the level of their income. Generation of the fashion-lovers desires to be unusual, impress street-photographers with the outfits and get onto the pages of the most famous fashion magazines.

Designers with Passion show at African Fashion Week Amsterdam 2018

Designers with Passion show at African Fashion Week Amsterdam 2018

Elisa Malec and the art of simplified sophistication

Elisa Malec and the art of simplified sophistication

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