3 Rules for Choosing the Perfect Cashmere Sweater

The season of layered outfits has arrived.  Staying warm and healthy while the weather cycles through high’s and low’s can be a challenge when it comes to style.

Fundamental to the fall look is our beloved sweater. They may be of wool, fleece, or polyester, but the most popular material is cashmere. It is also the most expensive.  When choosing a cashmere sweater remain cautious so as not to become the victim of cheap mass-market production.  As you choose the new member of your autumn wardrobe, keep these three rules in mind.

COST!  Cashmere sweaters will always be the expensive ones.  The reason is that the Capra hircus laniger goats that give us cashmere wool are in short supply.  In addition, the highest quality cashmere is taken only from the breast and stomach of the goat.

COLOR!  Natural cashmere comes in shades of black, grey, brown, and white. The sweaters of these colors are softer than the colorful dyed versions because the wool has not gone through heat treatment.  Yet, dyed correctly, you can still buy cashmere pieces in all their dreamy softness.

CONTACT!  Touch your potential cashmere sweater. It shouldn’t be too fluffy. Extra fluffiness bears witness to the usage of the short threads and weaker wool. It means that in the very near future your sweater will lose its attractiveness.

Cashmere sweaters are an excellent layer to have on hand, these days.  Choose wisely and it will be a sweater you have in your wardrobe for years to come.


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