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How to Dress to Impress

Fashionweek Trendreport from Copenhagen – Spring/Summer 2020

On the streets and @the catwalk I spotted the dresscoat, a coat worn like a dress. Despite the popularity of the kimono for several seasons, the dresscoat is always a good alternative on cloudy days. How to wear the dresscoat, Danish style?

@Blanche, it’s a denim dresscoat. A clean, very easy going look. The only accessories are real flowers in a mesh shopping bag.

@Designers Remix, the models wore two different dresscoats. The first look is a double-breasted, loose fit in pale blue. The accessories are leather sandals and a bandana belt knotted at the neck.

The second look is purple, double-breasted, and with a tight fit.  Loving the extra-long sleeves. Sole accessories are a pair of slippers.

@Hendrik Vibskov,  I loved the red check version with beautiful wide arms.  Worn with matching socks and high platform Chinese sandals.  Check out the stunning make-up, a blushy red.

Dress to Impress

@Helmstedt’s collection, you are dreaming of a nice world with lots of fun time. The model wore a checked version but totally different to the one at Hendrik Vibskov.  Lots of ribbons, ruffles and fairytale mushroom prints. The clogs are simple, the floppy hat striking in contrast.

Dress to Impress

@Lovechild 1979, the dresscoat is one of the pieces of your total outfit.  Worn casually, it looks like you might have forgotten to tighten your belt.  Perfect for sunny moments including the hat and bikini top.

Dress to Impress

The #dresscoat is a very useful wardrobe item, the best choice for cloudy days.

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