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4 Japanese Beauty Secrets to Ageless Skin

Having flawless skin makes you feel more comfortable and confident, right?  The Japanese are known for their fair complexion and glowing, radiant skin. This makes them look younger than they actually are, while also increasing their aesthetic appeal.

The secret to having the smooth and flawless skin of the Japanese is their ancient beauty regimes, many of which have been practised for ages and passed down from generation to generation.  It also helps that much of their lifestyle and beauty regimes are associated with natural products.  Japanese people love to make the most of nature’s blessings, and this is reflected in various aspects of their lives including their popular beauty regimes. 

You too can benefit from the same beauty regimens if you want smooth, glowing and supple skin.

  • Never say no to green tea

Green tea is a very popular drink in Japan, and the women there make sure they get their daily dosage. Green tea has been proven to contain anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, all of which contribute to healthier skin. Today, Matcha green tea, created using ground green tea leaves, is very popular in Japan. One cup of Matcha green tea has the same antioxidant level as ten cups of normal green tea.


  • Sheet masks for radiant, glowing skin 

While sheet masks are receiving a lot of global attention in recent years, they have been used in Japan since ancient times. Geishas would dampen a small piece of kimono silk using distilled flower water, and use this as a sheet mask in the olden days. This provides plenty of moisture to the face, resulting in hydrated, healthy skin. Today, there are plenty of sheet masks you can easily add to your beauty routine. 


  • Don’t hesitate to oil it up 

It is often said that oil is one of the best ways to moisturize your skin, and the Japanese wholeheartedly believe this. Contrary to popular notion, face oils and cleansing oils are not bad for you even if you already have oily skin. In fact, using the right oils can really help!  In Japan, Camellia oil is extremely popular and is used for removing make-up, fighting signs of aging as well as restoring moisture and locking it in the skin. On top of this, Camellia oil is also used for oiling hair for shiny, strong and healthy locks.


  • Regular exfoliation is key 

Having smooth skin is a sign of beauty for the Japanese, which is why so many people spend time exfoliating their skin. This removes dead skin cells, revealing a new layer of fresh, smooth and radiant skin. The Japanese love to use ground Adzuki beans for exfoliation. This help to remove not just dead skin cells, but also trapped dirt.

With these natural product based beauty regimens, the Japanese have managed to maintain smooth and beautiful skin for generations. There is no reason you can’t achieve the same!

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