The shoe brand you should know about: Rani Bageria

The shoe brand you should know about: Rani Bageria

Rani Bageria is the favourite of many artists and fashion-insiders in Austria and Italy. She’s now teaming up with the traditional, Swiss brand enSoie to create more magic.

Craftsmenship is back on track in the fashion world. It actually has been for a few years. As the topic of sustainability gains more traction, local designers and stores do as well. Rani Bageria is a Viennese shoe designer who founded her label in 2013. Her love to detail and handmade, Italian expertise has made her a household name, especially in the art scene. It seems only logical, that she would team up with a label like enSoie.

enSoie has is rooted in Vienna as well, but moved to Switzerland in the early 1900s. It used to be a silk-trading company that transformed into an expert in all things handmade during the last century. Their products are hard to grasp at first glance: Jewellery meets bags meets kids-wear. But having a closer look at the detailed history of the brand, and you’ll suddenly feel at home. Sustainability and local production aren’t just marketing words here: The brand has never done anything else.

Rani Bageria x enSoie // Photo by Luca Fuchs

Rani Bageria fits perfectly into the philosophy. She is the self-named Jean D’Arc of shoe design, always with a strong, feminist agenda and design-language. Her capsule collection with enSoie has a touch of decadence. Three new colours meet a velvet shell – you can’t feel anything else but Bohemian in these shoes. The red slipper-design with its golden studs make you feel perfectly royal and have a punk attitude at the same time. What a contradiction! No wonder that the art scene has secretly been raving about this designer for years.

The collection will be availble in October on