Og Okonkwo Is A Modern Nigerian Style Icon

Designers like Og Okonkwo have made it easy for Nigeria's fashion elite to look to their own country for exceptional fashion pieces.

Swahili Culture And Its Contributions To African Fashion

Swahili is one of the most beautiful and romantic languages on this planet. In my opinion, it falls right up there with French and Spanish. When a man speaks words of love to a...

Sophistication With An Edge: Andrea Iyamah Bridal

Italian or French designer dresses on your wedding day were yesterday. Say Hello to these Nigerian masterpieces!

Blogger Profile: Lavidoz Style

It's 2019 and Fashion Blogging is accepted, embraced even, as a respectable career throughout Africa. However, over here in East Africa, this process has taken time and it is still hardly viewed as a stable...

Talents, Experts, Inspiration: This Was Accra Fashion Week

Late March really kicked off the year for fashion lovers in Ghana. Once again, the "Chilly Rainy" edition of Accra Fashion Week opened its gates at the Silver Star Towers, near Accra's Airport.  The...

FAB in Africa: Does Fashion Have a Place In Kenya?

The Kenyan fashion economy is quite different to many others.

Blogger Profile: Vincent Ochieng

Vincent Ochieng is a bold, exuberant and unapologetic lifestyle blogger from Kenya.

Africa’s Fashion History

When African Fashion comes to mind, what sets this authentic style of fashion from the rest in a globalised village where everything is everything? Is it the fabric? The workmanship? The source of resources...

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