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Og Okonkwo Is A Modern Nigerian Style Icon

The Nigerian fashion scene is on a progress lane of its own. Their talented designers create masterpieces that aim to breed a fine collaboration between contemporary African style and western fashion.

Og Okonkwo is at the forefront of this Nigerian wave of fashion. Designers like her have made it easy for Nigeria’s fashion elite to look to their own country for exceptional fashion pieces without ever needing to source items from international fashion brands.


Style Temple is a contemporary woman’s’ wear brand based in Abuja, Nigeria. Og Okonkwo is the creative director and head designer of the fashion house. The brand brings a different palette to the Nigerian fashion scene. This has brought both the brand and the designer great recognition not only in Africa but all over the world.

From a young age, Og had a great eye for fashion and elegance. Her love for traveling has come to her advantage: She gets great inspiration from the places she visits, the diverse cultures she experiences and the people that cross her path.

In the traditional African family set-up, the career expectation is always aimed at corporate white collar jobs, but Og took a different approach. She grew up surrounded by stylish confident women who inspired and motivated her to achieve her dreams of becoming a designer from childhood.


Her brand has a variety of collections whose aesthetic bounces from classic to modern with a feminine vibe that still caters to an edgy crowd. Style Temple is a mix of ready-to-wear pieces that feature couture styles, geometric cuts and shapes that truly stand out.

Their aim is to create well-fitted garments that are pleasing and flattering on the feminine frame. As a designer, Og Okonkwo brings something authentic to the style table, she is her own muse and loves to wear most of what she creates. Social media has given the brand a platform to showcase its pieces and the round the clock hard work that goes into the artistic creations.  With a massive following of 265 thousand on their Instagram page alone, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how influential the brand, as well as the designer, are within the African fashion scene.


Celebrities, fashion influencers and the fashion elite in Nigeria are all massive fans and consumers of this elegant and luxurious brand. Receiving rave reviews from critics, Style Temple seems to get better with every collection released.  

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