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Playboi Carti, Nicki Minaj, and Travis Scott make the most of Rolling Loud 2024

Electrifying Rolling Loud 2024 performance by Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, and Playboi Carti. An artist perfoming on stage at the event
Credit: Aksels_@akselsshotit_Gunna

The Rolling Loud Festival 2024 took place from July 5th to 7th in Ebreichsdorf, Austria. For three days, Magna Racino transformed into a unique hip-hop spectacle. Almost 60,000 enthusiastic hip-hop fans from around the world gathered daily to celebrate, get close to their favourite artists, and showcase their fashion trends. FAB L’Style Magazine was present throughout the event, reporting extensively. Stay up to date on the latest in fashion, arts, beauty, and lifestyle by following FAB L’Style Magazine.

Day One of Rolling Loud 2024

Day one featured a host of incredible female artists, starting with the Pink Friday theme, matching Nicki Minaj’s main act track. Anycia and Hoosh energised the crowd on the Loud Stage, while Yo Train and Sadboi delivered smooth RnB and clear rap sounds on the Snipes Stage. Ski Mask captivated the crowd, and Gunna topped off the night. Shirin David dazzled the audience with her punctual and brilliant performance. Despite the scorching sun, fans flocked to the front-stage areas, waiting for hours to be in the right place at the right time. For many, it was their first festival experience, creating unforgettable memories. I spent time with the C&A Ambassadors and had an amazing time.

Nicki Minaj on Stage

Nicki Minaj, the hip-hop queen, delivered a powerful performance with hard beats and sharp rhymes. She is a true artist who knows how to captivate her audience. Despite the limited stage time, she made a lasting impression.

Day Two of Rolling Loud 2024

Day two was the smoothest, with no traffic jams, everyone familiar with the layout, and an efficient security team. International influencers and artists mingled with music lovers from Poland, Germany, France, Italy, the US, the UK, and Scandinavian countries. More water stations were set up this time, and the age group was mostly 18–25. The mosh pits kicked up dry sand, and Gen Z protected themselves with cloth masks or shirts. A good festival means coming home dirty. If your shoes are unrecognisable, it was a good day.

Chow Lee and Layla started the day on the Snipes Stage, followed by Reezy on the main stage with a “toast” to the first cool cola. Lil TJay’s performance was a highlight, with the crowd screaming, especially when the young 23-year-old took off his shirt, revealing his gunshot scars on the big screen. To the sounds of Trippie Redd, I met some amazing artists from the UK and France who came specifically for the festival. Rappers, designers, and producers filled the place, making fashion hearts race.

This day was, in my opinion, smooth. I had everything needed for a festival and could easily walk around, checking out festival fashion. Playboi Carti, the main act, fired up the crowd at night. With around 60,000 spectators staring at the stage and shouting along, the atmosphere was electric. The rapper is known for his signature “AHHHHH,” just a side note.

Day Three of Rolling Loud 2024

Day three brought the forecasted rain and cooling. Let’s call it Frenzy Sunday. Traffic was tricky, and buses were delayed due to police barricades. I reached the stage just in time for Ufo361. The vibe was different with the anticipation of Travis Scott’s arrival. People were dressed even nicer, wanting to be seen and approached. My decision was clear: I wanted to be at the front for Ice Spice. Offset was supposed to perform but had a flight delay, so DJ Scheme and his team kept the crowd hyped. The audience’s determination to stay at the front was impressive, and the camaraderie among festival-goers was heartwarming.

What impressed me was how everyone shared water, power banks, snacks, and other essentials, talking friendly with each other. Outside the mosh pits, everyone looked out for their neighbours, whether they knew them or not. Compliments were exchanged, and jokes were made about Ice Spice’s unique appeal. “You either love her music completely or not at all,” a young German told his friend behind me.

Then she appeared, along with the first rain: Ice Spice. Her green outfit and big-eyed balloon doll screamed, Girlie, but this woman can rap. Female rappers are rare, and as she tweeted, she doesn’t rap about flowers and bees. She knows how to use her charms. Lil TJay joined her on stage for a grand surprise performance. “Gangsta Boo” to the sounds of “I Need a Girl” reminded me of my age. Grandma felt the vibe here.

Why is Uneek Flow Releasing a Love Album?

Despite the rain and lots of walking, I met the artist Uneek Flow and his team, who still had their performance ahead. Why is he releasing a love album? Find interview Here.

Meeting Rose May and David Alaba was a highlight, and Don Toliver’s performance was mesmerizing. Security was precise, especially in anticipation of Travis Scott’s performance. Despite the rain, the excitement was undeniable.

The rain had spread across the grounds. When the music is good, you forget everything else. “Music on, world off” was the theme during Don Toliver’s performance. His guitar playing and voice were a match made in heaven. Security was stricter and more precise. The tension was palpable, knowing Travis Scott’s performance was imminent. Given his past incidents, strict policies were necessary. But first, Offset performed on the Snipes Stage. In the pouring rain, no one hesitated to jump up and down in the mud and create mosh pits. Offset’s performance was excellent but was interrupted due to the storm and the danger it posed to the artist.

An evening with Travis Scott at Rolling Loud 2024

It was as if Travis Scott had spoken with the rain, as it lightened when the main act took the stage. This was the moment many had been waiting for. How often does this artist come to Austria? The masses had anticipated this moment. The journey home required patience, but anyone attending a festival should be prepared for the worst-case scenario. I think the police and security did a great job. Safely guiding such a large crowd out of the venue is a monumental task, and anyone who organises festivals will agree that logistics are the most challenging part. The proximity to Vienna also encouraged people to commute back and forth from Vienna, which is about 30 minutes away from the capital’s border.

Conclusion: Rolling Loud 2024 was an incredible experience, filled with great moments and nearly 35,000 steps in three days. The festival showcased the best in music, fashion, and unity. Stay tuned for more insights into festivalgoers’ fashion choices and what’s in demand in our next article.

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