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Detailed view of Pierre-Louis Mascia’s Le Cavalier Bleu Collection

Model showcasing Pierre-Louis Mascia's Le Cavalier Bleu from the Spring-Summer 2025 Collection with elegant, flowing fabrics

It is a tribute to a philosophy, more than to a painting style. They are the colors of life, they are the words of Kandinsky whose echo resonates in me.

“None of us tries to reproduce nature directly. We try to give an artistic form to the inner universe, that is, to the spiritual experience.” It is a choreography of dressed dreams, inspired by all the arts. It is an ode to freedom, to hair in the wind, to silk shadows, to the melody of time: pure movement through an infinite range of nuances. A colorful dream, free from all the rigidity that threatens us, from the inflexibility of thought that freezes bodies and minds.

This is my first fashion show after more than 15 years of designing collections. I envisioned art school students invading the stage, with their palettes, their brushes, their imagination. A burst of color, beads, and prints: pure graphics alongside flowers, trees of life, and geometric patterns. There are gradients, délavé, and always references to that sparkling East, to the clash between red and orange that Yves Saint Laurent’s work continues to inspire, over and over again.

Our only certainty is the idea that nature should be our only concern, along with faith in a craft that connects the past to the present, without nostalgia. Hence our work on silk processing, on transparencies, on fading from opaque to shiny, on somewhat evanescent shapes: the idea is to have overlays, different heights, contrasts between knitwear and enveloping silk: with great refinement and delicacy, we can still express the world. That is why we chose the Tepidarium Giacomo Roster greenhouse in Florence, a place built to accommodate both eccentric ornamental plants and butterflies; a translucent glass palace where ten years ago “Under Lucky Star” was filmed. The light is that of the sky of Florence, the birthplace of great artists.

I am French, working in Italy, and I could never have taken this path without this freedom of movement and thought. Europe is still a playground where artists can develop projects. I invite Pierre Rigal, a choreographer friend of mine from Toulouse, who with “R.onde.s”, a form of dance ancestral and surprisingly common to all civilizations and continents, celebrates everything I believe in: the possibility of communicating directly with each other, through a continuity of gazes.

It is a dialogue with myself that I hope resonates with others. There was nothing written or planned, and at the same time, I had a strong feeling that I would tell a story. I thought with drawings. Then the tangible product arrived. Even when I was an illustrator, I imagined characters. Production began, first scarves, that were almost already clothes. The clothes became gestures, attitudes. Today, they are ready for the stage. The master is time, life, the audience, and encounters. I don’t claim to be a creator, I am a mediator, I give what I have managed to translate and understand. Ideas need time. Despite time pushing us into constant agitation, the important thing is to keep moving.

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