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Kamo Mafokwane, Personal Style Expert

Attention to detail is key in the fashion industry. From fabric, to stitch pattern, to accessory, to finished product: Details are very important and when done right receive the highest praise and appreciation.

As women, we age like wine and so does our style palette. If fashion is your passion then you may have noticed a change over the years in regard to what you wear and what style trends you gravitate towards as you get older. Personal style is easy to achieve, but not always easy to maintain.

Kamo Mafokwane, better known as @Willkatelady, is a South African style and beauty influencer based both in Johannesburg and London. She has exceptional taste and is keen on creating content that can be appreciated by members of the fashion community with a refined sense of style. And she just has this eye for beautiful details.


Her personal style seeks to inspire a sense of sophistication, class, elegance and chic personality. Her love for luxury runs deep as she has an incredible personal collection of luxury items and aims to work with brands of unique quality.

She speaks greatly of luxury and has great respect for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Balenciaga, Dior and many more. From the packaging to the customer service to the product provided, Kamo gives her readers and viewers a complete breakdown of each piece added to her collection.

Creating digital content is what she does for a living and just by taking a look at her social media content one can see how seriously she takes her craft. Every post is done just right, her photography is all about good lighting and fantastic layouts. She is one of those creatives with a certain edge to their work and it is safe to say that Kamo’s work is unique and not about the hype.


One of the things I admire about her style is its personality and what it says about her. Kamo is a lover of all things minimal, her color palettes include black, white, grey and blush. She rarely goes for too much color and only includes bold shades once in a while.

She loves a smart way of dressing as opposed to a trendy style. Give her a crisp white shirt, a pair of black dress pants and a classic Manolo, she will be good to go. Her hair and makeup are equally simple, she keeps it classy and never goes over the top. A little shimmer on the lids, a subtle highlight on the cheek, a flawless blend for foundation and a lip color that can easily transition from occasion to occasion.

Apart from fashion, Komo enjoys traveling the world, fine jewelry, and classic cars. She documents her adventures with her 30 thousand+ Instagram followers and keeps her content flowing both on her blog as well as her YouTube channel.


She shares tips on style and beauty that are practical, she educates her followers on all things luxury and keeps her feed interesting as she shares her work with various brands.

The digital generation is the new normal and I’m grateful for it – especially because of influencers like Kamo Mafokwane.

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