It’s 2019 and Fashion Blogging is accepted, embraced even, as a respectable career throughout Africa. However, over here in East Africa, this process has taken time and it is still hardly viewed as a stable source of income. But there are a few East African bloggers who have successfully become influencers in their field and found ways to generate stable income through their various platforms.

Lavidoz is one of them. The Tanzanian based fashion and lifestyle blogger has been quite successful and actually really deserves the title “Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer.” What’s arguably even more impressive is that she also happens to be a lawyer as well as an entrepreneur, while maintaining her blogging career.  With a social media following of over 40.000  due to her consistency in content creation, you can see the quality of her work and how well it is received, not just in Tanzania but throughout East Africa.

Lavidoz’s sense of style is elegant and well put together.  She has a refined palette when it comes to fashion – and her followers greatly appreciate it. Her interests in fashion have also pushed her to own a business related to the industry. She runs a shoe store known as “Lavidoz Store” that is quite popular in Tanzania. Her collection is impeccable, unique and caters to different kinds of style.

Her blog has run for some time now and she has evolved from being a simple blogger to a real social media influencer. She has a love for all things luxury and this is clear as she documents her personal collection filled with items from luxury fashion labels like Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, and Balmain –  just to mention a few. She loves to indulge in fine dining at some of the most exquisite hotels and resorts, both locally and internationally as she travels the world.

Recently she has taken on a new and exciting path by using her platform to empower women in Tanzania. Lavidoz has teamed up with brands, as well as fellow influencers in various fields, to hold forums where women come to listen to stories of empowerment, while receiving the opportunity to network and grow, on both a personal and professional level.

It is impressive to see how far this young African woman has come.  With the remarkable moves she has made through her platform, she is one, among the few, who is using an influencer position to do more than just gain a following.


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