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Passion for Fashion Jewelry – Adele Dejak

Passion for Fashion Jewelry - Adele Dejak

Passion is the driving force behind any successful venture and the amount of passion you put into your work can be seen and felt by those that take the time to appreciate what you do. In the fashion industry, we value quality over quantity, attention to detail receives a standing ovation and true passion becomes a classic and is celebrated for decades to come.

Adele Dejak

Local brands are fast becoming the best option for the Kenyan Fashion Industry and anyone who has worked in this industry long enough or simply has an interest in the fashion community has heard of designer Adele Dejak and knows of her fascinating work in the jewelry market.

Adele Dejak is a local premium brand of handcrafted fashion jewelry and accessories inspired by African tribes, textiles, and elements of African culture.  The brand features a line of handbags, rings, earrings, bangles, and necklaces all of which are handcrafted and made locally.

This is a brand that does a lot of good in society as much as it does the local fashion industry. Adele Dejak has created a business platform that not only empowers communities but it also creates employment opportunities.

Locally their physical location is at “The Village Market” in Nairobi and in Kiambu. They also have an online presence that allows you to shop from their store on a worldwide basis.

The designer herself is as magnificent a woman as the incredible pieces she curates. Adele Dejak manifested the world of typographic design in England and Italy before deciding to come to Nairobi-Kenya. She got so much inspiration from the horn and this was a huge part of her design strategy when she decided to venture into the jewelry aspect of design.

Her Nigerian roots combined with her European influences heavily came to life through her designs. Over the years she has created stunning collections that depict the balance and harmony of her journey. She has experienced great success and collaborated with major international brands such as Samsung and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Her team of talented artisans, designers and tailors come together to create some of the most timeless, signature Adele Dejak pieces. The elite members of the Kenyan fashion industry and local pop culture are known to be huge fans of her work and can be seen adorning her pieces’ time and again. She recently debuted a new collection coined “The Love collection” that features yet another set of futuristic yet authentically African pieces.

Give credit where it is due and Adele has proved herself as a creative in the industry for quite some time now. The hard work put into this brand is evident just by taking a look at the gorgeous set up they have at their physical locations that I have had the chance to have a close look at.

Local talent is booming and Africa is definitely on its’ come up in terms of growth in the industry.

Adele Dejak



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