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“Wear What Feels Right” – An Interview With Patricia Narbon

Giving newcomers a voice is one of the main intentions of FAB L’Style. Having exactly that in mind, I had an interesting interview with a young designer from Barcelona, Spain. Her name is Patricia Narbon and she recently finished her studies in fashion design in Vienna. Since her very first collection, she has received a lot of attention, so I wanted to find out who she is, exactly, and what her work is about.

Why do you think people should know about you?

Basically, the same evening after my collection was presented after my graduation, I started receiving messages from photographers, stylists, and so on who wanted to borrow my stuff and wanted to collaborate with me. I received overwhelming feedback for my show – people were really excited about what I’m doing. That made me very happy and encouraged me even more. So I started collaborating and got invited to many fashion shows. One thing came to another, and that led to the situation that I’m in now: I am working on my next collection and on my own brand. It really motivates me so much to have a public that waits for new stuff from me.

How can people keep up with your work?

On Instagram – that used to be the main platform. But I recently launched my website too. I want to connect it with an online store in the future – for both selling and renting my clothes. The range is from high fashion to ready to wear. Some pieces are hand-embellished with crystals from Swarovski – these are not so affordable, that’s why they are rented for photo shoots and stuff like that. I like the rental system in general, from an ecological point of view.

Patricia Narbon
Simona Guľašová by Verena Mandragora

How would you like the world to perceive you as a designer?

I want the world to know that I’m hard working. I think today we are missing a sense of effort…I want people to perceive my stuff as something that actually has a soul because making it was a long process. I miss the view that older people have on fashion. For example, a grandmother that owns a high-quality jacket for 50 years – and now there are so many memories attached to that jacket. I like this idea of owning less but with a bigger meaning.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From my roots, my surroundings. Since I am from Spain, I saw a lot of folklore stuff and I integrate that aspect into my work. I kind of create stories with my designs, as if I was a film director before. That’s basically how all my collections start: with the need to tell a story.

FAB L’Style is not only about fashion but also about art, music, and culture. How do those aspects play a role in your life?

In fact, I’m also a musician. I’m a singer and songwriter. That’s why I have this lyrical approach, this story-telling-thing. I’m trying to move people and to provoke a reaction…not only a happy, positive reaction – it can also be a dark emotion. I think I would describe myself as a storyteller and dreamer. It’s important to discover the child inside of you and let it live. Of course with the structured approach of an adult – but I enjoy this spontaneous, flowing, pure way of thinking. I’m not following any rules with my fashion, I just create what feels real to me. That’s basically my approach: I want to put something in the world that wasn’t there before.

Patricia Narbon
Alzbeta Martinkova by Sigrid Mayer

Do you think Vienna is a hip or trendsetting city when it comes to fashion?

Not yet. But of course, there are talents here.

Who would you like to dress if you could just choose anyone?

Florence Welsh from Florence and the Machine. Oh, that woman! Everything she represents … she is strong and feminine. I love the atmosphere around her. I think I would get along with her pretty well. She’s such an intelligent human being, it would be so interesting to share thoughts with her. Dressing her would be very nice.

Patricia Narbon
Alzbeta Martinkova by Sigrid Mayer

Is there a specific message you would like to spread through your work?

My focus is on beauty. Timeless beauty. Sometimes, the world seems so dark –  it kind of needs more color. People should express what they feel. If you feel like dancing, just dance. If you feel like crying, just cry. If you feel like wearing an orange sparkling dress, just wear an orange sparkling dress (laughs). The message “Express yourself” sounds a bit cheesy. I think it’s more like: Start a conversation with yourself! Start thinking about who you really are and what you really like. I think this “I like that but I could never wear that”- thought should be changed to “I like it, so I will wear it. Why not?”  You know what I mean? Just connect with yourself on a deeper level. Wear what feels right, without considering other people’s opinions.

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