Jumpsuit Absolut!

Jumspuit Absoulut! Somehow, the idea of wearing this ‘almost a dress’ but ‘not quite a pair of pants' makes the iconic classic jumpsuit one of my preferred styles of clothing. The jumpsuit was first created...

Volumetric Geometrics

Growing up, many of my precious moments were spent drawing and creating objects and shapes out of everything. My more exciting moments in any school activities had something and everything to do with geometry,...

Blogger Profile: Vincent Ochieng

Vincent Ochieng is a bold, exuberant and unapologetic lifestyle blogger from Kenya.

Take me to Paris – Jennifer Selamnovic from Des & Jen

When Desiree and Jennifer Selmanović started their Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Des & Jen as a hobby in 2013, little did they know that they would soon become Austria’s elite bloggers, working full-time between...

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