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Quality Made in Africa |Toke Makinwa Luxury

toke makinwa

When we think of luxury brands, names like Balmain, Christian Dior and Chanel pop up in our minds – just to mention a few. Not only have all of these high quality fashion houses managed to burn their names into collective memory, they also have one other thing in common: All of them are of French origin.

Although the African fashion industry is growing rapidly, we as Africans oftentimes still find ourselves purchasing western luxury without ever reaching for locally crafted brands of quality.

Toke Makinwa wants to change that. The Nigerian media personality and author is not only arguably one of Africa’s best dressed celebrities, her passion for fashion has also helped the 34-year-old build her personal brand and give Africa the Toke Makinwa bag – a major example of luxury fashion of African origin.


Toke Makinwa Luxury, founded in early 2018, is available online for worldwide shipment. Reviews on Makinwa’s bag are stellar, as evidenced by influential Nigerian celebrities like Laura Ikeji and other fashion personalities on social media who carry TM Luxury.

The first release of the leather bag was in black croc leather with a signature TM in gold. The bag has a trapeze shape and it’s tiny size makes it perfect for all types of occasions. Recently, Toke Makinwa Luxury released a new, improved collection that’s a lot flashier than the first one.


The new collection features a bamboo handle, gold details and a traditional African whisk. It’s available in a variety of colors, ranging from classic black and nude, to red, orange and green. This bag has its very own level of “extra” and ladies who love to stand out will definitely appreciate its craftsmanship.

For Toke Makinwa Luxury this is only the beginning. We see a lot more coming our way in generous doses of fabulousness.

Luxury pieces made in Africa are a statement many thought would never happen, but our fashion industry has taken strides in the right direction. Economic opportunities to do things that have not been possible are now obtainable. Toke Makinwa’s products reflect just that. Let’s show appreciation for luxury made in Africa, by Africans, for Africans.

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