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Local talent is not appreciated as much as it should; some would speculate that the platforms to promote such recognition and appreciation is what is lacking. In Kenya, the rise of the fashion industry is slowly getting to where it needs to be and brands like Kipato Unbranded which focuses on jewelry, are making their mark and their great work does not go unnoticed.

Kipato Unbranded is a social enterprise that collaborates with local artists by promoting their skill and talent by giving them access to the market.  This local brand creates jewelry that is inspired by everyday people for everyday people. Their pieces are carefully handcrafted from materials such as brass, recycled bone or beads.

This is quite a popular brand in Kenya, their stands can easily be spotted at fashion, beauty and cultural events that take place locally. The term “Kipato” is a Swahili word in reference to income received from hard work, the brand came up with the name “Kipato unbranded” in regards to how they inspire their artists to create and earn from what they create.


Not only has Kipato unbranded created employment for the youth in Kenya, it has also given Kenyans a jewelry source they can be proud of. The idea behind the brand was to make beautiful jewelry in reach for everyday people as well as those who create these incredible pieces.


The pieces curated by the brand are sensible, simple and ethically acceptable. You can style their jewelry from the boardroom to a Saturday afternoon out with your girls.

Kipato Unbranded has not only caught the attention of local consumers but even that of an international consumer. This is good for the creators of these pieces and also toward creating international awareness of the beauty and talent that comes from Kenya.

At the moment it is a celebrity favorite in Kenya as personalities like Patricia Kihoro and Sharon Mundia, just to mention a few, show their great love for the jewelry on their social media pages.

Once you go to their website you can easily make a purchase of their stunning pieces and get it shipped and delivered to you at your preference. This is a local award winning company that definitely deserves the applause. Their pieces feel like a touch of Africa and you can tell they pay great attention to detail on each piece they curate.


all images: © Kipato Unbranded

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