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High Street Fashion in Romania

Rise of High Street Fashion in Romania

Romania is not usually what comes to mind when you think of fashion destinations in Europe, but it’s highly likely that is about to change. High-street fashion is on the rise in recent years with more shops opening in Bucharest’s main streets, all with readily available offerings in the latest styles.

While the rest of the world is reeling from the effects of online fashion, it appears Romania is taking a step in a different direction, much to the joy of local designers. With high street fashion gaining more fans by the year, this is an excellent time for Romanian designers to open shop and offer the public their unique designs.

Urban chic takes over the streets

An interesting fact is that it’s not just high fashion that is on the rise in this European country; it’s specifically urban chic high fashion. While this definitely means that the people demand this kind of fashion, there has also been a conscious shift on the part of local designers, and honestly, this comes as no surprise. Urban chic style is a style for all seasons. It’s trendy yet classy, fun and easy, yet sophisticated when it needs to be. It’s a look that works well on everyone.

Besides, urban chic fashion has a certain connotation to it, which makes it all the more ideal for the young, fashionable people of Romania. As the name suggests, urban chic style is closely related to the modern, urban culture. It means the wearer is young and fun, keeps up with the latest trends while maintaining a classic “hip” appearance. It means the wearer is, most likely, a millennial who actively participates in urban culture. And as it turns out, that works exceptionally well for the youth culture of Romania.

High Street Fashion High Street Fashion

High Street Fashion

Romanians love their high street shops

Compared to other cities in Europe, Romania still has a huge number of people that prefer to do their clothes shopping in specialized street shops. While shoppers from other countries would rather go to the mall or go online to buy their clothes, a huge percentage of Romanians choose to hit the high street to pick up their clothes. 

This may very well be one of the major reasons that high street fashion is gaining popularity. The streets of Bucharest often see new shops opened by local designers who have started their label.

One of the most successful local designers in Romania is Andreea Bădală, who has started her label, Murmur. Her clothes are a perfect blend of boldness and feminine features, and they are often inspired by vintage lingerie. What makes her creations stand out is the complex and intricate details that every piece is adorned with, something that her customers love.

When you come to think of it, almost every young, fashionable person in the streets of Bucharest is an embodiment of this kind of urban chic high street fashion. This only proves that local designers like Bădală have come a long way in influencing not just fashion, but youth culture in Romania.

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