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DZHUS SS24: A Symbolic Transition of Gender Narratives in Wearable Architecture

Fashion Week Berlin Sommer Juli 2023 - DZHUS in der Feuerle Collection (Hallesches Ufer 70) 12. Juli 2023
Credit Finnegan_Koichi_Godenschweger_for_BFW

DZHUS, the avant-garde Ukrainian fashion brand led by Irina Dzhus, presents its highly anticipated Spring-Summer 2024 collection at Berlin Fashion Week. With a deep symbolic significance, this collection explores the transition of personal identity in an allegorical manner, challenging societal norms and redefining traditional representations of femininity and masculinity.

DZHUS SS24 Redefines Fashion’s Boundaries of Identity and Expression

In this season’s collection, DZHUS unveils transformer designs inspired by archetypal jewellery and accessories, seamlessly transformed into clothing. Classic dress code elements are deconstructed and reimagined, reflecting the brand’s signature innovative patternmaking. DZHUS portrays a more versatile, gender-fluid hero, catering to the increasing demand from a diverse audience while representing the designer’s personal journey as a nonbinary individual. Be the First to Experience the Exquisite Spring/Summer Issue of e-fab; Join the Fab community now!

Irina Dzhus’ Creative Awakening Amidst Turmoil

Over the past year and a half, Irina Dzhus has undergone profound self-discovery, a journey mirrored by the collective experience of many Ukrainians amidst the ongoing war. This introspective process has led the designer to uncover the most fragile creative forces within herself, culminating in a powerful message centred on humanity.

The colour palette of DZHUS SS24 is predominantly monochrome, with warm ecru shades providing a subtle contrast. By consciously opting out of vibrant colours, DZHUS allows maximum space for architectural and technological experimentation. The collection showcases intricate cut concepts and fresh ideas for garment transformation, building upon the brand’s signature styles.

The DZHUS SS24 capsule presents a range of highly allegorical designs, each with rich modification opportunities. Among them, a dress with a detachable balaclava doubles as a bust mannequin for jewellery display, a shopper bag is reconstructed from blazer details, an evening gown replicates a tie, a statement bra is created from two caps, and a bridal outfit features a veil sculpted from gloves worn as a wreath.

The DZHUS SS24 show at Berlin Fashion Week is not just a traditional runway presentation—it is an immersive performance that invites the audience to engage with the enigmatic science of outfit transformation. The show combines metaphysical art installation with dialectical fashion, challenging beholders to participate in an intellectual quiz of multipurpose styling options. Set in The Feuerle Collection, a location that exudes an intimate atmosphere of sacred treasure, the presentation creates a hypnotic experience.

Sensory Soundscapes: EYIBRA Elevates the SS24 Collection Experience

The collection’s concept is further elevated by the captivating soundtrack composed by EYIBRA, an American experimental musician with Ukrainian roots and a prominent figure in the queer artistic community. In addition, DZHUS collaborates with House Martin, a Berlin-based footwear brand of Ukrainian origin, aligning not only aesthetically but also ethically with their shared cruelty-free ideology. Ukrainian refugees are prioritised for cooperation, celebrating unconventional beauty, and representing the brand’s inclusive vision. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on socials.

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