Diarrablu designs for the conscious African woman


African fashion is taking strides in a positive direction as it seeks to grow rapidly and gain international recognition. African brands have always strived to deliver designs that speak volumes to the African woman obsessed with all things fashion who prefers to look African at all times. Talent is there and it is time for it to be given the platform to showcase.

Diarrablu is a brand focused on creating contemporary womenswear and lifestyle pieces, it was founded by Diarra Bousso who had a passion to empower the arts community in Senegal through the celebration of the rich colors, unique patterns and versatile yet practical African pieces inspired by mathematical algorithms all offered by our glorious continent.

All her collections are hand-made in Dakar, Senegal with an aim to sustain and be socially responsible. Her work has been featured on the likes of: Vogue, Glamor, The New York Times, Huffington Post among other publications and since the birth of her brand back in 2013, Diarra has showcased her work during both New York and Paris fashion week. She has gone further as to represent Senegal at the World Fashion Week Paris. Such great success can only come to a brand that is so deserving.

Diarrablu designs for the conscious African woman

The brand features swimwear, cover-ups, duster coats, pants, jumpsuits, blouses, skirts and some gorgeous dresses. They seem suitable for women ranging from 25 to around 40 years of age. The fabrics feel light and perfect for the tropical climate, the color selection is vibrant yet of a minimal color palette and the silhouette is sexy without being offensive. I love it and so do many African style bloggers and influencers.

Diarrablu designs for the conscious African woman

These pieces would not make for everyday wear but they would be great choices while on vacation or to style the perfect business casual or simply casual looks.

This brand has definitely put Senegal on the map and it is quite refreshing that African women such as Diarra are creating brands that seek to empower and create employment for members of the African arts community. All the designs are readily available on the brands’ website and on its’ social media accounts you can get to see client reviews on their pieces. Support African fashion and watch it give back to the continent.

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