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Billie Eilish – One-of-a-Kind Artist and Fashion Icon

Unconventional and mesmerizing – the singer Billie Eilish is taking over the music industry and is definitely changing the game when it comes to fashion – and this even at the age of 16.


Since she went viral overnight with the song “Ocean Eyes” that she dropped on Soundcloud three years ago, there’s no stopping her. By now, Billie has 20 Mio monthly listeners on Spotify and a fanbase of 7.7 Mio followers on Instagram…and the tendency is growing!


What makes her so fascinating is the contrast between her feminine facial features and her androgynous style with loose fits, as well as her angelic voice in opposition to the dark twist in the lyrics of her songs – Billie’s whole person is a fascinating play of light and shadow.

There’s a reason she’s frequently been described as intimidating or spooky: In her music videos, she often uses sadistic elements like letting tarantulas crawl out of her mouth in “you should see me in a crown” or crying black tears in “when the party is over”. Billie obviously knows how to shock her audience, that’s how she mesmerizes us: “people are terrified of me and I want them to be”, she said in an interview.

Her rule-breaking style reflects this personality trait: Billie Eilish’s wardrobe is everything but ordinary. You could easily recognize her from afar by her undefined, baggy-like silhouette. Billie’s androgynous look comes from her preference for oversized loose-fitting clothes – whether it’s one of her typical sweatsuits, Bermuda-shorts or hoodies, everything seems to be several sizes too big: “ugly is dope”, she noted. The laid-back and sporty fits in bright colors are always combined with a touch of luxury, since there are always logos of high-end brands embedded, such as Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Chanel and Balenciaga – to name but a few. To round off her outfits, Billie loves rocking various big silver chains and chunky sneakers, as for example the model “Air Force 1 low” from the collaboration of Nike x Off-White.
Since the singer invented a unique look by having the courage to pull off the wildest and most creative outfits, she certainly has a talent for creating a new type of fashion. As she confirmed in an interview for Paper Magazine, she is already working on her own clothing line – we can’t wait to see the results, Billie!


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