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Best Lunch Ideas for Work-from-Home People

Best Lunch Ideas for Work-from-Home People

Working from home seems like a perfect idea until you realise you can’t have any of those “we’re ordering lunch, do you want anything?” announcements, grab lunch at the corner cafe or office canteen, or at least get a quick bite from the break room.

Now, your last resort is probably to skip lunch. However, my dear remote worker, you need to stop skipping lunch. It’s enough that you have to deal with those long meetings and sit for the most part of your day, which is itself not a very healthy practise. Skipping meals alongside this? Tragic. 

I get it. It’s not easy to set some time aside to grab a meal for lunch as a remote worker. That’s why I have curated these categories of quick and easy meals you can fix for yourself while working from home.

Easy WFH Lunch Ideas

Take a look at some meals you can try out for lunch on days your home becomes your office:

1. Salads

If you are particular about having a real quick and healthy lunch, then a bowl of salad is just the perfect choice. The best part? Salads need not be mere bowls of greens. Extend some of your creativity to your kitchen and experiment with vibrant veggies, protein-packed additions, and a variety of dressings to make your lunchtime salad. Mix and match ingredients such as Roasted chicken, Quinoa, Feta cheese, Cherry tomatoes, and avocados, and you can keep the stomach grumblings away till dinnertime.

2. Wraps

When time is of the essence, wraps come to the rescue. Fill a whole-wheat tortilla with your choice of protein (grilled veggies, turkey, or hummus), add fresh greens, and finish with a dash of your favourite condiment. Roll it up for a portable and satisfying lunch that won’t take enough time to disrupt your workflow.

3. Soups

There’s something incredibly comforting about a warm bowl of soup on a workday. Whether it is a classic chicken noodle, a hearty minestrone, or a creamy tomato basil, soups offer a hug in a bowl in the middle of an exhausting work-from-home day. The trick is to prepare a big batch over the weekend, store it in portions, and enjoy a quick and nourishing lunch all week long.

4. Lunch Ideas to Spin the Leftovers 

Don’t underestimate the power of leftovers. Transform last night’s dinner into a fabulous lunch by adding a twist or two. Turn pasta into a cold pasta salad, repurpose roasted veggies into a hearty sandwich, or use shredded chicken for a refreshing wrap. With a sprinkle of creativity, leftovers can become a yummy workday lunch.

5. Sandwiches and Toast

Sandwiches are a staple on the lunchtime scene. They are quick to make, and they allow for countless mouthwatering fillings. As long as you have bread and some leftovers and your fridge is not begging for some grocery shopping, you can do your thing and be back at your workstation in a jiffy with your tasty lunch.

6. Eggs

You’d agree with me that eggs are such a diverse meal. If you’re in need of a quick and filling lunch before you get neck-deep into work again, then eggs are your friends! A basic omelette is quick, easy, and versatile. Do not forget the spices. You may also add a tomato for a taste of fresh flavour. Learn one or two lunch ideas from Chef Khalifa Dampha and His Fusion of Flavours and Memories.


With a little planning, creativity, and a dash of culinary flair, your lunch break can be transformed into a daily combination of flavours to give you a burst of energy to get through your WFH day. So, whether you are a salad sensation, a wrap aficionado, or a soup enthusiast, these lunch ideas will keep your taste buds and productivity soaring throughout your work-from-home journey. Bon appétit!


  • How Can I Avoid Spending Too Much Time on Lunch Preparation?

Meal prep is your ally! Spend time over the weekend chopping veggies, grilling proteins, and preparing dressings. Store in portioned containers, and assembling a delicious lunch will be a breeze during your busy work-from-home days.

  • How Can I Avoid Unhealthy Food Options During My Work-from-Home Days?

Opt for whole foods like lean proteins, whole grains, and plenty of colourful veggies. Keep tempting snacks out of sight to avoid mindless munching. Does this mean you can’t indulge your sweet tooth? Absolutely not! Enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate, a handful of mixed nuts, or a slice of your favourite homemade banana bread as a delightful midday treat.

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