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The serum, the active ingredient booster from ATTIÈL

The serum ingredient booster from ATTIÈL

Active substance boosters, or serums, have become indispensable in skin care. The three serums from ATTIÈL philoceuticals, the skincare line from holistic medicine specialist Annelies Loibl, provide highly concentrated plant-based active ingredients. ATTIÈL brings together the factors that influence a healthy, beautiful complexion, as well as what we can do to improve it.

What You Should Know About Skin Cycles

The skin is a delicate organ that is subjected to a wide variety of reactions. On the one hand, hormones have an impact on the look of the skin. For example, oestrogen promotes the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, all of which are necessary for the skin’s natural moisture supply. The top layer of skin, on the other hand, is regularly regenerated. This regeneration cycle, like the female cycle, lasts approximately 28 days. Because cell division slows with age, this cycle becomes longer.

A serum should therefore be used for at least four to six weeks to see visible and distinct changes in the complexion. A new care line or serum is identical to a dietary shift for the skin, which must first adjust to the new active ingredients. ATTIÈL philoceuticals, ATTIL philoceuticals, Annelies Loibl’s skincare line relies entirely on the power of plants. The effective formulations are highly concentrated in three serums that can even be mixed if necessary, such as the Hydrating Serum for dry skin and the Purifying Serum for large-pored skin in the T-zone area. After a short night, the regenerating serum helps to achieve a fresh complexion and clarity.

A healthy gut also nourishes the skin.

The complexion is strongly tied to intestinal health, which is dependent on components such as hyaluronic acid and collagen. Because the right gut bacteria also ensure hyaluronic acid and ceramide formation. To put it another way, if the intestinal flora is out of balance, the complexion suffers as a result. Important chemicals, such as hyaluronic acid, which the body normally manufactures, are deficient.

ATTIÈL, The effect on the skin layers

A look at skin layers and how they function demonstrates why skin health is a holistic issue influenced from both the inside and outside. With connective tissue, collagen fibres, nerves, and fat cells, the lowest layer of skin connects to the circulatory network and therefore to our base. As a result, a healthy and glowing complexion requires a decent supply from within (nutrients, water, oxygen, adequate sleep, and so on). The epidermis is not directly connected to the vascular network and therefore requires care from the outside with appropriate active ingredients. The intermediate dermis is rich in collagen fibres and elastin and acts as a link to the subcutaneous tissue.

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