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Travel Light: How To Create a Minimalist Travel Skincare Routine

How To Create a Minimalist Skincare Routine

Wanderluster? Who says you need to bid your skincare routine goodbye every time you travel? Traveling is exhausting in and of itself; one way to make it less exhausting is to travel light. How do you do that, especially if, like me, you pack your entire wardrobe for a week’s trip? Let’s not even get into the bulky packages that skin care products come in that make it tough to fix everything in a small space. Now, I know you’re wondering how I expect you to pack light if you’re still supposed to have a skincare routine on your journey. Skinmalism to the rescue! This article will first show you the impacts of travelling on your skin and how to care for your skin in the most minimalist way possible when you travel.

How traveling affects your skin

The harsh conditions your skin is subjected to whenever you travel, ranging from changes in weather and environmental pollution to consuming junk food, could affect your skin. Take a look at how

  • Traveling by plane prevents the skin from retaining moisture for long. Also, it is easy to forget to drink water while on a journey, and this leads to further dehydration of the skin, causing the skin to break out. In the same vein, travelling to a dry place would have the same effect. Traveling to a humid place would mean your skin is secreting more sebum, clogging your pores, and causing breakouts.
  • While on your journey, following your skincare routine religiously could be quite a challenge. In between flights and road trips, there might not be a chance to even cleanse your skin properly, and the dead cells that accumulate will not be good for your skin.
  • Also, during the journey, with your sleep schedule ruined, your skin will be bearing a lot of consequences.

Since you are here, you do not have to worry about all of these. Read on to discover how to create a minimalist travel skincare routine.

Skinmalism: Make your travel skincare routine minimalist by following these tips

We held a focus group with four skin care specialists, and here are the recommendations they all had in common for a minimalist travel skincare routine.

  1. Sort out your cleansing. Ditch the entire bottle of your face wash and pour an amount just sufficient for your journey into a small tube. Also, replace body washes with travel-sized gentle cleansing bar soaps. They take less space and get the work done.
  2. Carry a facial mist for extra moisture especially if you have dry or combination skin.
  3. Don’t forget your moisturiser. To save space, carry one that doubles as a face and body moisturiser. Also, if your moisturiser comes in a big container, you might want to pour some into something smaller.
  4. Pack some sheet masks. They do not take extra space and work as a great alternative for serums and other special treatments you would be leaving behind.
  5. You can’t afford to leave out your sunscreen. They go a long way in protecting your skin from harsh UV rays.

Are Skincare Products Allowed On Airplane?

Yes. Skincare products are allowed on a plane. However, you might need to check out your airlines’ instructions to know how heavy you can pack.

Skincare Routine Wrap Up 

All you have to do to keep your vacation skincare routine minimalist is to follow the recommendations above. Although your skincare routine is important while on a journey, it is important to take note of other factors that could affect your skin. Your diet is one. Have fun but cutting down on all that sugar would help you prevent a flare up. Discover Uncommon Sugar Substitute For Your Diet. Have fun and don’t stop glowing!


The serum, the active ingredient booster from ATTIÈL
The serum ingredient booster from ATTIÈL

The serum, the active ingredient booster from ATTIÈL

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