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3 Kenyan Women Who Started Their Own Lipstick Line

Adelle Onyango is a famous Kenyan radio presenter at Kiss FM. She hosts a morning show alongside Shaffie Weru. Clearly, she did not come to this life to play.  In honor of her late mother, she teamed up with Pauline Cosmetics to relaunched a lipstick line called Limitless Anyango lipstick. It has Bold, Confident and Non-Conformist shades. Atong Dong, an international model was thoroughly impressed with the moisture shine lippie.

© Pauline Cosmetic

Nelly Tuikong is the executive director and founder of Pauline Cosmetics. Her story is quite inspiring. Talk about risks! She left her high paying nursing career job in Ilinois to come back to Kenya. She was trained by Kiralee Hubbard, who owns Eye Max Cosmetics. We absolutely love her! 

kenyan women lipstick line
© Pauline Cosmetics

Huddah Monroe is Kenya’s famous socialite turned business entrepreneur. She often refers to herself as a star girl and mistress of all trade. We are super proud that she found a new hustle. What better way than to support her by buying from her. She has 4 brands of lipstick; Royalty, King Jazmine, Vamp and Angel. Guys! These lipsticks were sold out within 10 days of their launch! She has also extended her brand to eyeshadows. Our favorite is Angel. Do yourself a favor and surprise a sister!

kenyan women who started their lipstick brand
© Huddah Beauty
10 years of Posh

10 years of Posh

Diesel continues to celebrate diversity with their HAɄTE COUTURE collection

Diesel continues to celebrate diversity with their HAɄTE COUTURE collection

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