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Ludovica Mascheroni at Milan Design Week 2024 with MARCO POLO: THE JOURNEY INTO ELEGANCE

Scene from Milan Design Week 2024 showcasing Ludovica Mascheroni's Marco Polo inspired elegant designs.

700 years after his demise, the Italian traveler and merchant, symbol of the rapprochement  between East and West, is the inspiration for the novelties designed by the company specializing  in high-end furniture. In 1324, one of the greatest and most famous Italian figures left us: Marco Polo, traveler, writer, ambassador and merchant, symbol of the peaceful rapprochement between East and West. And, 700years after his demise, his name still arouses fascination and wonder. A historical figure of great impact to whom Ludovica Mascheroni, Italian company specializing in high-end furniture, dedicates its new products as part of the Milan Design Week 2024 with the theme “Marco Polo: the journey into elegance.”

Among the novelties presented by the company in the Milanese flagship store in Via Gesù 13: a new artistic boiserie created by the company’s artisans and dedicated to Venice, Marco Polo’s birthplace and a new walk-in wardrobe, of great scenic impact, capable of best expressing that attention to detail and high craftsmanship that constitute the identity and stylistic code of the company. And new furnishing accessories that are dressed in precious materials, in particular silk and cashmere, and which address, like all Ludovica Mascheroni’s creations, at a niche market made up of admirers of the beauty and of the well made in Italy.

Therefore, ample space for precious fibres, as silk and cashmere become symbols of the geographical map of the journeys undertaken by Marco Polo. From Venice through Asia, up to China. A journey along the historic “Silk Road”, a trade route, of which silk, a fabric made in the Chinese province of Cathay, represented the most valuable product. And cashmere, another fiber symbol of the travels of the Italian explorer and merchant. Towards the end of the 13th century Marco Polo, returning from his travels from the East, spoke of the extraordinary properties and beauty of the fine fleeces worn by the Turkmen and Tartars, made of soft cashmere.

Ancient and noble fibers that occupy a leading role not only in furniture coverings, but also in clothing designed by Ludovica Mascheroni. In fact, at number 13 of Via Gesù, men’s and women’s garments made of silk and cashmere tell of a universe made of elegance and refinement capable of entering into perfect dialogue with the proposals for the home. Not to be missed a space dedicated to the history of these two fascinating fibers: from processing tools to historical insights and conservation methods. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

“Marco Polo was the man between two centuries and between two worlds, the East and the West. A source of great inspiration because his going further was not only born from a commercial aim but also from a desire to get to know new cultures. We wanted to pay homage to this great man, who lived his time with great modernity. A historical character, proudly Italian, symbol of travel, discovery and modernity par excellence,” underline Fabio Mascheroni and Roberta Caglio, founders and owners of the brand Ludovica Mascheroni.

Finally, at the Foyer Borsino of the Four Seasons Hotel Milano, in Via Gesù, 6-8, Ludovica Mascheroni presents the new “Dressage” walk-in closet inspired by the noble equestrian discipline which celebrates the understanding between man and horse. Precise and
rhythmic movements draw rigorous and perfect geometric lines in step with technology and precious materials. The vertical decorations alternate maple and Canaletto walnut, the interior has fabric backs and shelves have LED lights, the handles are characterized
by leather details. In each side and drawer there is a special perfumer which has the purpose of spreading a constant fragrance within each module, a simple but great attention to what is precious in the wardrobe. Special accessories are the hangers for hanging the garments and the integrated home automation system: through an application you can choose the desired garment in correspondence of which a light will indicate its position. A true concentration of design, elegance and functionality for a niche audience. A treasure chest that combines high craftsmanship and the latest technologies, capable of guarding and preserving precious silk or cashmere garments, such as those designed by Ludovica Mascheroni.

Exhibition: Via Gesù 13 and Via Gesù 6-8 (Four Seasons Hotel Milano), 16 – 21 April 2024, 10 am – 8 pm Event by invitation: Via Gesù 13, Wednesday 17 April 2024, 7 pm – 10 pm

Ludovica Mascheroni proposes the essence of the true artisanal method that allows perceiving the art of know-how in each creation of the brand. The production of Ludovica Mascheroni, in fact, is completely entrusted to the expert artisan hands of the company, the materials chosen are of great quality and the design represents a journey made of passions and knowledge finely coordinated in every smallest detail. Clean shapes, warm and bright nuances, elegant lines. Everything in the Ludovica Mascheroni brand is designed and created with the aim of absolute perfection, to surprise even the most attentive and demanding customer. Be the First to Experience the Exquisite Spring/Summer Issue of e-fab; Join the Fab community now!

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