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The Undeniable Influence of Drag Queen Culture

Beauty is one industry that has experienced major changes over the years and it keeps adding something new to the mix every day. The industry is very diverse and the best part is how inclusive the world of beauty has become.

The drag queen culture has been around for years, but lately, it has been getting the appreciation it so deserves. A huge step in the right direction was the theme of the recent Met gala held in New York City. This is an annual event held by Anna Wintour, courtesy of Vogue magazine. It is a night of fashion in its truest form as a representation of art. Each year there is a guiding theme that allows designers, stylists, and celebrities to collaborate and bring their wildest visions to life.

This year the theme was Camp, a trend that was birthed by drag queen’s decades ago.  Their community has managed to uphold this magical trend and make it that much more fabulous over the years. The Camp theme gave designers much freedom to be extremely authentic, over the top, flamboyant and as artsy as they could possibly imagine.

 Drag Queen

The drag queen style is all about vibrant colors, dressing fabulously as a way to impart a feeling of great confidence as you walk about. Think of it as a chance to be your true self through fashion. A lot of people think contour and highlighting is something new to the beauty industry, however, the queens of drag were the first to invent this life-changing hack that has given the term glam a whole new meaning. Drag makeup is a complete transformation – releasing one’s alter ego for a few hours a day. The extreme contour and highlight, larger than life lashes, eyeshadow that imitates art, lips lined to create the illusion of thicker lips and the perfect pin-up pout are all popular beauty hacks within the mainstream beauty community today.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the most renowned beauty brands out there and so it came as no surprise when they chose to collaborate with Alyssa Edwards, a legendary queen. The collaboration to create one of their most colorful eyeshadow palettes comes at a great time, as drag beauty techniques are being heavily celebrated. The palette has fourteen shades with bright tones fit for a vibrant over-the-top look.


Drag queens have been known to set their makeup using their hair sprays. Thankfully, that is no longer necessary.  Huda Kattan, creator and founder of Huda Beauty, has had quite a busy year. One of her latest drops pays tribute to the genius of drag beauty. It is a setting spray created with a formula that imitates a setting spray that mated with hair spray. The packaging is in a can similar to that of hair spray and her campaign was drag queen themed.  


In an era where celebrating diversity is taking center stage, it is wonderful to see credit given where credit is due. Drag queen makeup has always been true art, using your face as a canvas and transforming yourself into whoever you want to be that day.

Beauty has no size and there are absolutely no rules.  Drag beauty allows you to play, have fun and be as creative as possible, with no judgment and no limitations. 

Header Picture: Bob The Drag Queen at Rupaul’s Dragcon 2017, shot by dvsross / Wikipedia Commons / CC BY. 2.0

Claude Lavie Kameni

Claude Lavie Kameni

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Ruighuid – Interior Pieces You’ll Love to Touch

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