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The lifelong Mission of Natalia Syvak to Empower Ukrainian Orphans

Natalia Syvak engaging with Ukrainian orphans as part of her lifelong empowerment mission.

Still in the mood for Mother’s Day? It’s never a crime, even if we opt to celebrate mom all year. It is a well-deserved one. In honour of Mother’s Day, FAB L’Style sat down with Natalia Syvak, a remarkable mother and social entrepreneur dedicated to supporting orphans and victims of war in Ukraine. In this exclusive interview, Natalia shares insights into her journey of motherhood, the challenges she faces, and the resilience she embodies.

FAB: Natalia, how do you balance your personal responsibilities with your role as a social entrepreneur leading an NGO (MOM plus ME Charitable Foundation) focused on supporting other children?

Natalia Syvak: Balancing personal responsibilities with my role as a social entrepreneur has always been a juggling act. Despite the cultural norms in Ukraine that discourage young mothers from working, I have found ways to navigate both worlds. My work is my passion, and it intertwines seamlessly with my role as a mother to six wonderful children. While I may not adhere to traditional notions of motherhood, I am grateful for the support of my family, husband, and children in pursuing my lifelong mission of helping Ukrainian orphans through the MOM plus ME Foundation. My daughter, interpreting for this interview, decided to start a political science study in Austria to help those who are in need from a global perspective.

FAB: Can you share insights into specific programmes or initiatives your NGO has implemented to support orphans in Ukraine?

Natalia Syvak: Certainly. MOM plus ME Foundation has spearheaded several impactful projects aimed at supporting orphans in Ukraine. Our rehabilitation camps provide a safe haven for families to take in orphans, offering them a chance to navigate the challenges of the Ukrainian war together. We also focus on supporting children who have lost their parents in the war, providing them with essential resources and guidance as they adjust to their new reality. These children are first taken to the hospital, and then the institutions try to find a solution for these children without parents.

Additionally, our initiatives extend to helping poorly-behaved children in orphanages and offering support to orphans with disabilities. It’s mostly about psychological and mental help to survive financial and mental problems. Those organisations don’t have the training to deal with children with disabilities, and that’s where we come in. The foundation is going to celebrate its 17th anniversary, so we have the results of our 17 years of work. We have developed over 500 orphan families. Furthermore, we have found talented children and over 16,000 orphans. Over the years, we have made significant strides, assisting over 130,000 children and facilitating the adoption of 255 children.

FAB: In what ways do you believe events like International Women’s Day or Mother’s Day can raise awareness about supporting mothers and children, particularly in regions like Ukraine?

Natalia Syvak: Events like International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day serve as powerful platforms to raise awareness about the challenges faced by mothers and children, especially in regions like Ukraine. By shining a spotlight on these issues, we can garner support from the international community and foster a greater understanding of the struggles faced by mothers and children in conflict-affected areas. Additionally, these events provide an opportunity to showcase the resilience and strength of mothers like myself who are dedicated to making a positive difference in their communities.

For me, motherhood is not only about caring for my children alone; it is also about other children. All children deserve and receive support. I’m not avoiding children of different nationalities; I have a mission for children of other countries. Children are the future of the nation. The actions we adults take affect children, and they determine the future of the country and the world.

FAB: Lastly, what advice would you give to other mothers who aspire to make a positive difference in their communities?

Natalia Syvak: My advice to fellow mothers is simple yet profound: seize every opportunity to effect change and open closed doors. Be the catalyst for positive transformation in your community and serve as a role model for others to follow. Above all, cultivate kindness in the face of adversity and embrace the opportunity to uplift those in need. Have this mindset that if you don’t do it, no one will. You are the only one who can. After all, the impact we have on children today will shape the future of our nation and the world.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, let us draw inspiration from Natalia’s resilience and commitment to creating a brighter future for children everywhere.

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