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The Heart of Motherhood, Mother’s Day 2024

Mother's Day 2024 commemorative image, symbolizing the strength, dedication, and nurturing nature of mothers around the world.

Dear mothers,
Your love is the gentle breeze that soothes our troubled hearts, and your strength is the sturdy oak that shelters us from life’s storms.

As we celebrate International Mother’s Day 2024, it’s a time to reflect on the profound essence of motherhood. What is motherhood? Motherhood goes beyond mere biology or legal status; it embodies the epitome of love, sacrifice, and nurturing instinct. From the moment a child is born, a mother is born too, ushering in a journey of selflessness and devotion.

For many, including myself, motherhood is encapsulated in the tender moments of care and support, as vividly stamped in my memories of waiting eagerly for my mother on visiting days at school. Even though I knew that she would always show up, the atmosphere is always filled with a tingling anxiety of what if.

I’d sit in the lobby of my secondary school, waiting for my mother to show up. Whenever I wait and it seems like she’s not going to come, hot strokes of tears flog my rounded cheeks. Nothing makes sense until I see my mother. Then, she would show up with a blue food flask filled to the brim with her specially prepared jollof rice. Not only will she bring mine, but she will also come with another flask for my friends. “This is for your friends,” my mother will gently say. She would stroke my hair and rub my cheeks. “You have grown lean; are you eating well at all?” she would say with her breath-filling voice. And whenever she’s about to leave, it feels like the whole day shouldn’t end. What is motherhood? Motherhood, to my teenage imagination, represented an unfailing pillar of strength and support.

Natalia Syvak, the founder of “MOM plus ME,” with six children of her own, extends her love to thousands of children in Ukraine and around the world. For Natalia, “motherhood is not only about caring for my children alone; it is also about other children. All children deserve the support. I have a mission to help children in other countries. Children are the future of the nation. The actions we adults take affect the children, and they determine the future of the country and the world.”

Indeed, motherhood is the greatest cultivator of selflessness. “I was a real estate agent before, in Germany. I can’t do that any more because of my daughter,” says Natalia. We celebrate mothers whose hearts are enlarged with profound love and whose hearts are guided by endless devotion and readiness to make sacrifices.

Similarly, Lisa Nitsche, a burgeoning artist in Vienna, Austria, acknowledges the transformative power of motherhood in shaping her identity and work. She says, “Motherhood is a great gift to me, and it made me more of a strong and emotional woman. After giving birth, of course, I took some time to rest, but I came out stronger than before. Becoming a mother changes a woman, and it reflects in my work.” Through sleepless nights and endless days, she remains a constant presence in her child’s life, a guardian angel and superhero. She is a teacher, a mentor, a friend, and a companion, shaping the future with every hug, every kiss, and every word of encouragement. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

Yet, despite the profound significance of motherhood, society often downplays its importance. Lisa draws parallels between art and motherhood, recognising the undervalued yet intrinsic worth of both. “Art and mothering are correlated in the sense that plenty of times, our society doesn’t look at it as something unique or worthy, but I do find great value in it.” Lisa explains.

Natalia leaves an inspiring message for all mothers in the world. Having helped thousands of displaced orphans in Ukraine while juggling the responsibilities of family, “always remember that it is an opportunity to work and try to open the closed doors. If you don’t do it, no one will. You are the only one who can. Start it and be a role model for others. Be a kind person amid all the negativity in the world. It is wonderful to save children and help the helpless.”

To all the mothers out there, happy Mother’s Day! Today and every day, we honour and celebrate your immeasurable contributions, unwavering love, and boundless strength.

With love and gratitude,

FAB Community

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