The Dandy of Tomorrow – Rochas Hommes SS18

A nostalgic wind blows through the lookbook images of the Rochas Hommes SS18 campaign. Memories of the 40’s and 50’s, when fashion, race cars, and craftsmanship went hand in hand. 

Béatrice Ferrant, Artistic Director of Rochas was inspired by the founder of Rochas himself, Marcel Rochas. His love for colors, race cars and very modern approach towards menswear shaped the lifestyle of the 50’s and will be remembered by the French fashion house and in its DNA. Marcel Rochas himself often transformed the look and feel of race cars into his collections through embossed, embroidered and padded fabrics.

The new collection focuses on representing the cosmopolite and modern men, a mixture of gentlemen and dandy. With an unexpected use of materials and colors, Rochas Homme presents a collection that suits fashion conscious and classy men, that are looking for modernity and style while staying true to classic menswear.

Rochas SS18 Rochas SS18 Rochas SS18 Rochas SS18 Rochas SS18 Rochas SS18


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