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The A&A Group – Your Guide to Europes ‘It’ Places

The ‘A&A’ brand saw its beginning in 2016, when a group of friends decided that it was time to revolutionize the Vienna club scene. The idea was to cater clubbing events to a younger age group, specifically introducing music and themes that would be approved by millennials. These young entrepreneurs were not the only ones tired of the ‘retro- themed’ nights and repetitive playlists associated with Vienna’s night scene. This was evident from the success that their events gained shortly after launching, selling out night after night.  120 great clubbing events later, and ‘A&A’ is the talk of the town, becoming real competition to even the most established clubs.

The success of this project inspired Alexander Moll, Anthony Marek and Alexander Kefi to extend their brand to other European capitals. The three partners attended the same school, and used their time outside of class productively, to say the least. One must admit that most people would be hesitant to launch events without a background in business management, but A&A knew what they were doing before they had even graduated. This week, they launched their website which will serve as the guide for anyone looking for an exclusive night out in Paris, Madrid, London or Brussels.

What makes this website different from the usual rating websites like ‘Tripadvisor ‘or ‘Yelp’? Frankly, there is no comparison, as the ‘A&A’ website has been designed specifically for those with a taste for ‘the best of the best’. We are not talking about the clubs that are easy to get into, or restaurants where you can get a table without a prior reservation. This is a catalogue of the most ‘chic’ locations for the real connoisseurs of night life.

The website features lists of restaurants bars and clubs, with an accurate description of what to expect, and not a hint of advertisement or biased critique. This long-in-the-making project is the perfect curation for anyone who doesn’t want ‘average’ but only the ‘crème de la crème’.

Moreover, the website also offers you the chance to book a table at these sought after locations, which is usually close to impossible, if you are unfamiliar with the management. Luckily, the ‘A&A’ team has that under control and are there to help you organize your perfect night out, wherever you find yourself. You can trust the ‘A&A’ team to do the talking on your behalf, which makes the whole booking process much less stressful.

The days of waiting in line, desperately trying to be admitted on the guest list, are all behind you. With the help of this new website, your dream of getting a table in ‘that club that is always booked out’ is just a few clicks away. No more tourist traps, underwhelming experiences, or surfing the internet for hours trying to find a well-located rooftop bar. Visit ….. to explore the coolest locales in your city or book your next out night.





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