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VIENNA, Last Thursday, September 8th, 2022, the Pop Up Gallery at Herrengasse 1 in 1010 Vienna was transformed into a breathtaking scene location, with over hundreds of guests, including numerous stylish top models, artists, celebrities, musicians and many well-known faces from the media and business world.

More than 400 guests took the opportunity to congratulate the award-winning photographer Stefan Kokovic on his premiere and to celebrate his photo exhibition “FACES” with him.

Among the guests Dr. Kerstin Ortlechner (star dermatologist), Manuel Ortlechner (former professional soccer player and now sports director FK Austria), Ana Jaksic (award winning make-up artist), Sasa Knezevic (artist, top model), John Petschinger (artist), Almande Belfor ( star choreographer), Chris Steiner (investor), Des & Jen (fashion bloggers) and many more

With “FACES” the young artist and photographer presents a select selection from his repertoire of monochrome and emotional black-and-white portrait photography from September 9th to 12th at the Palais Herberstein in Vienna.

As one of the most respected international photographers, his breathtaking shoots were the covers of numerous renowned lifestyle & fashion magazines such as Vogue, Esquire, L’Officiel and many more.

Stefan Kokovic, who received his second award as best photographer the day before at this year’s Vienna Awards, was overwhelmed by the large crowd and enthusiasm of his fans and community at his premiere party in Vienna. 

“From the bottom of my heart I am grateful and overwhelmed, even fans from Serbia came for this special evening. Without my strong community and close friends, I would not have been able to create and implement all of this“, said the deeply touched artist Stefan Kokovic in an interview.

Kerstin Ortlechner posts on IG: “for me you’re the new Peter Lindbergh, just amazing”

It was a unique symbiosis of art, design, style, the vibe of the location and above all the ingenious international mix of the many wonderful guests. 

“I am over the moon about the success of the event and proud of Stefan for how well he mastered this challenge with style and brilliance. It was a great pleasure and honor for me to work with such a talented and great artist“, says the co-organizer Mag. Petra Gamböck.

An evening that resembled a party in New York’s trendy district of Soho and Milan Fashion Week. The event ran until late in the evening with delicious drinks, DJ sound from Pandora Nox, and the many breathtaking outfits of the guests, as you only know them from the big red carpet appearances of celebrities. Chapeau! the two organizers.

The limited photo book signed by Kokovic will be available during the exhibition from 09 – 12 September 2022, in the Pop Up Gallery Herrengasse and online on his website www.stefankokovic.com.


Stefan Kokovic, who has already received an award this year, is known for his monochrome photography and emotion, which always appears omnipresent. Stefan Kokovic received the award for “Photographer of the Year” in September this year as part of the Vienna Awards.

As a passionate artist, Stefan Kokovic also explored creative areas such as music, graphic design, advertising, classical painting, illustration during his career. But his greatest passion is photography.

“I care about the emotion. For me, the most important thing is to create a connection between the viewer and the photo,” he said in an interview with Esquire Magazine.

Kokovic grew up in Belgrade, his family always supported and encouraged his artistic skills. “When I was young, I either drew or daydreamed,” the artist grins. After graduating in graphic design from the Metropolitan University, he graduated from the fashion academy Accademia Del Lusso, based in Milan.

An extremely sensitive and warm-hearted artist who always wanted to develop himself, Kokovic researched and worked in various creative fields – including music, graphic design, advertising, classical painting, illustration and last but not least photography.

As a photographer’s assistant, Stefan recognized his passion and that you can find and create art in photography.

“The art of photography lies in creating an emotional connection between the photographer and everyone involved. Every single living being on this earth responds to empathy. A good photographer uses empathy to calm storms, move clouds, calm waves and reveal the truth“, says Stefan Kokovic.

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