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New Wave Fashion in Ghana – Redefining the Concept of Luxury in an African Perspective

New Wave Fashion in Ghana

Africa has incredible potential when it comes to fashion” said Roberta Annan Managing Partner of Roberta Annan Capital.

To put it into perspective, the concept of luxury has become relevant in redefining African fashion. Everybody needs what they can have, wearing clothes that they’d like to wear, driving in cars that they want to drive in, hanging out in places where they’d feel comfortable and all of that, it’s a way of knowing your worth, valuing yourself and being sufficient enough to do whatever it is that you got to do with what you have. The ‘African luxury’ is not something that’s related to or connected with ”lots of money” as it was originally perceived. In a nutshell, African luxury is bridging the gap and allowing everyone to wear luxury clothes and accessories in Ghana’s fashion industry.

model engracia designer ophelia crossland
Model Engracia
Designer Ophelia Crossland

Actually, the new wave fashion in Ghana is a little bit different from what it was a few years back, unlike previously when fashion used to be very traditional or cultural, now it’s smart elegance with a modern twist. Print fashion is at the centre stage of it all, it’s never goes out of style, it’s always in vogue; it is classic and timeless. The African print fabric such as Woodin, GTP and Vlisco is valuable and worth it all because the designers are always using it to accessorise, blend and infuse it with different types of fabrics to create an eclectic mix of designs. This fashion-savvy idea was first introduced by the late Kofi Ansah who was a Ghanaian fashion designer and a pioneer in promoting African styles.

Chritie Brown
Designer Chritie Brown

Specifically, the African inspired designers within the industry are encouraged to be unique, authentic, collaborate, have something to call their own and carve a niche for themselves. For sure, it’s paying off eventually, this has given rise to a favourable way of showing acceptance, sort of like appreciation for the talent we have and recognising our own. The brand audience love-to-bits, they are very much enthusiastic about their designers and stylists, in such a way that style icons and celebrities ‘wear made in Ghana’ more, because a host of them believe that it’s their very own. It’s a way to show what they’ve got and how to rock it better.

jamie foxx designer cholocate clothes global / john dumelo actor designer abrantie the gentleman

Luxury Ghanaian designers like Christie Brown is making a huge wave on the global stage, with inspired silhouettes and elevated looks. Most recently, the luxury brand presented their Fall-Winter 2020 ready-to-wear collection with a touch of class, style and elegance. Kwaku Bediako of Chocolate global is another designer, whose exploit has seen recognition all over the world, with the likes of Steve Harvey and Jamie Foxx wearing his outfits means they appreciate and celebrate our apparels and ensembles.

Abrantie The Gentleman is a household name in Ghana fashion as well, now with his newly introduced art shirts, he’s making a big difference in the mainstream. Nineteen57 by KOD, Ophelia Crossland and Velma’s Accessories are all quintessential and Pan-African designers who’re doing amazing with ‘luxury in each detail’. With their flagship store in Osu Accra, collectively they serve a wealthy clientele base.

It’s clear, the fashion industry in Ghana has a lot to offer, with consistent efforts and the right opportunities, everything can turn around for good.


Ben Boateng
Fashion Journalist

Designer Christie Brown


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