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Nelly Mwangi – Geek on Fashion

As a local fashion writer, I make it my mission to find as much knowledge as I can about people who are currently making major moves in the local fashion industry.

Fashion blogger and business woman Nelly Mwangi is one of Kenya’s top bloggers and her content alone speaks for itself as it shows you the amount of creativity that can come from what some might term as a hobby. She named her blog “Geek on Fashion” and has been able to turn the name into a brand that is well-known locally.


She has been a fashion blogger since back in 2015 and now has the title vlogger as she recently joined the YouTube community. Her content is based on fashion, beauty, travel and all-round lifestyle. She is a mom and a working woman who creates content that is practical to women with a life similar to hers but also aims to inspire a wide audience.

Through writing and talking about fashion, her passion, she created extra streams of income for herself. Apart from just being a local influencer, she owns two online boutiques that are quite popular in Nairobi. Her line of business is focused on women’s clothing and virgin human hair which is on high demand locally, as much as it is internationally.


Nelly has a luxurious taste palette and loves to indulge her tastes. She owns a variety of high fashion pieces and she is known to have great respect for designers and their precious brands. Her personal style is laid back and quite effortless. She invests more on staple pieces as opposed to trendy pieces. She always looks put together yet never over the top. There is a certain amount of class to her sense of style and this is what attracts her viewers. 


One thing that stands out about her work is her level of consistency and hard work from the very beginning to date. She credits her level of success as a blogger to her consistency and of course that can be seen when it comes to her interaction with her fans/ readers/ followers.

Her many followers applaud her for her encouraging character and how much inspiration and positive energy she instills in them. She has sit-down sessions where she discusses topics on self-love, self-esteem, living on a wise budget, how to create your personal style, and how to look put together with little effort.

Her career is based on fashion but occasionally she takes time to talk to her viewers on vital issues that affect us all underneath the glitz and glam. Her blog introduced her to the fashion community but her YouTube channel gave her the current presence she has in the business.


Teaming up with her talented photographer has also been good for her when it comes to creating and delivering quality content. They document their travels and this shows us a side to her that most may not be familiar with. Nelly has a love for nature and spending time in the wild is her idea of a weekend getaway. Through her travels, we see behind the scenes of the beauty that wild life has to offer.

The blogging industry in Kenya has grown so much over the years, bloggers and creatives like Nelly are now being embraced by all, in small doses of course, but still, this is progress. Nelly is cut from a different cloth than most local bloggers. Her style is unique and not what one would expect from a local blogger. She is not about temporary trends and following the hype. She marches to the beat of her own drum and a good number of people love that about her.

As an influencer, Nelly gives up-and-comers hope because of her practical never-give-up attitude. Nelly is putting Kenya on the map and she is heading straight to the top.

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