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Men’s Guide to Wearing Shorts

Shorts are traditionally thought of as proper clothing for boys. Men who wear shorts are often looked down upon for appearing juvenile. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Shorts can be tricky and you need to know just when and where to wear them. Otherwise, you’ll be frowned upon and rightly so. Shorts make for extremely comfortable bottom wear and there is no reason men should have to forego this comfort. Here’s a handy guide to inform men how to rock that short without appearing ridiculous.

When to Wear Shorts

It’s perfectly alright to wear shorts in tropical weather. So if it’s hot outside or you’re on a beach vacation – there’s no reason you shouldn’t be lounging in your shorts. 

Don’t wear shorts to a formal event. You’re expected to dress in trousers at a formal function. Imagine everybody in their formal best as you walk in wearing your best shorts – you don’t want to stand out like that. 

The Length Matters

Shorts that are worn as part of a casual look should not go above 2-3 inches from your knee.  Shorter than that and you risk making onlookers uncomfortable. 

Athletic shorts can be shorter since they are designed to serve a function. Longer shorts would restrict movement and sportsmen don’t want any restrictions in their athletic wear.

Caution on the Style

Shorts come in different fits and styles. There’s the billowy printed short – ideal for your beach getaways. You have the multi-pocketed cargo shorts which are perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities. Solid and neutral color shorts should be your top pick for wearing to casual social-dos and hangouts with friends. 

Look for a fit that is tighter.  Loose shorts make your legs look awkward and you’d do best to avoid them.


How to Accessorize Shorts

The most popular pick when it comes to footwear that goes with shorts is flip-flops. Flip flops look great with shorts and match well with the casual vibe. But make sure you only wear this combo on casual occasions. You’d be better off wearing canvas sneakers or penny loafers with your shorts at other times. Leave the socks at home.


To Shirt or No?

Wear your shorts with a polo tee. Nothing goes better with a pair of shorts. If not, you could always wear a striped shirt. Avoid wearing a T-shirt with shorts, unless you are home or at someone’s pajama party. You don’t want to look that casual. 

You don’t have to be embarrassed about your fondness for shorts as long as you respect the occasions you wear them. 

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