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Malo Cashmere opens its new flagship store

We're celebrating Malo Cashmere's new flagship store opening

Malo Cashmere celebrates the opening of its new flagship store at 30 Via della Spiga, in the heart of Milan’s luxury shopping district, with a preview presentation of the most representative pieces from the FW24/25 collection, a special event and a temporary exhibition dedicated to the maison’s archive.

“We are delighted to celebrate the opening of our new boutique during Milano Fashion Week and to present to the public not only the concept of our flagship store located in one of the city’s most prestigious streets, a symbol of fashion, but also some previews of the men’s and women’s FW24/25 collection with the most representative looks“, says Nancy Marchini, Marketing Director of Malo. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

The new FW24/25 collection, titled “Framing,” draws inspiration from cosmopolitan cultural patterns to express a style that encapsulates essences of different cultures: from jacquards that tell the story of Peru to a more urban and contemporary style that speaks of Manhattan. “Framing” is the desire to collect frames, indeed, of different cultures and peoples, in a connected and fluid world where identity is valued through diversity. The new collection is inspired by and aimed at a globe-trotter who packs garments from all over the world, embracing all the cultures of the world.

Furthermore, during fashion week, Malo hosts a temporary exhibition dedicated to the maison’s archive in its new boutique: a sensory journey to retrace the fascinating history of the brand and cashmere with visitors. A history that begins in the Gobi Desert, in the area running from northern China to Inner Mongolia, where hircus goats give rise to the precious cashmere signed by Malo, continuing in Italy, specifically in Campi Bisenzio and Piacenza, where cashmere, Malo’s principal fiber, is worked through meticulous artisanal processes. The archive and history of Malo bring a loom to the Milanese boutique, a symbol and indispensable tool of the maison, with which it has been crafting refined knitwear emblematic of the quiet luxury for over 50 years.

Moreover, beautiful archival photos, particularly fashion shoots by great photographers such as the one taken in 1999 by the grand master Peter Lindbergh. Finally, fabric samples: from the unmissable pure cashmere to light cashmere and cashmere blends. And yet, natural fibers such as cotton and linen and precious fibers such as silk and alpaca. Not forgetting Malo’s love for details, expressed, for example, in button craftsmanship and their infinite variety: in mother-of-pearl, with carved decorations, or fabric-covered, to name a few.

Malo’s new boutique, the iconic brand specializing in high-end cashmere and natural fibers, represents a true oasis of luxury and sustainability in the heart of Milan. With three street-facing windows and a space of 190 square meters on two floors, the flagship store is not just a commercial space but represents a fusion of cultures, a blend of East and West in the choices of certain finishes. Malo has paid great attention to the environment and forests, highlighting its commitment with reforestation projects on its online store and choosing bamboo flooring and furnishings for the Milanese boutique. Bamboo, besides being a sustainable choice, is a versatile and resistant plant of Oriental origin whose cultivation does not require the use of fertilizers or pesticides. The decision to use bamboo reflects Malo’s commitment to environmental sustainability and attention to waste-reduction.

Inside the boutique, Malo adopts a “zero waste” philosophy with the “sleeping colors” project, which involves recovering leftover yarns to create a unique wall of colors. These yarns, such as production residues or end-cone yarns, are carefully selected and used to create new garments or decorative elements, thus promoting a more sustainable and conscious fashion. Nancy Marchini, Marketing Director of Malo, emphasizes the importance of this approach: “We have created a wall of colors using leftover yarns, giving them a new life and paying homage to Malo’s history, well-known for its leadership in cashmere colors.” 

The boutique offers a modern and essential space designed to welcome customers in a refined and comfortable environment. A relax area invites visitors to take a break from the daily hustle and immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural fibers offered by Malo. The highly qualified staff is dedicated to offer a personalized and refined shopping experience, guiding customers in choosing garments that best suit their style and needs. With the opening of the new flagship store, Malo reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and quality, offering customers not only high-end products but also fashion proposals that enhance the beauty of any silhouette, high craftsmanship, and respect for the environment.

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