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Who is Lukhanyo Mdingi?

Lukhanyo Mdingi

CELEBRATING THE PURE SPIRIT OF SOULFULNESS. – This is what Lukhanyo Mdingi stands for. What what is Soulfulness? What is Lukhanyo Mdingi’s Soulfulness?

Non-conformity, daringly minimalistic yet opulent imagery and a mixture of heritage and contemporary elements. Ever since 2015, Lukhanyo Mdingi has created outstanding menswear designs that redefine the view on contemporary menswear fashion and is a prime example of the relevance of African and more specifically South African fashion and its designers in the world.

Both through his designs and his visual storytelling, Lukhanyo Mdingi has created a brand, that is highly celebrated in South Africa and becoming an insider tip all around the world. The high-quality production with pure silks, cotton, linens and wools sourced locally and ethically produced, timeless elegant pieces and unique designs with personality are creted, that stand out by their own and have a high factor of recognition. We are sure to hear more about this striking South African Designer as the months and years go by.


Purgation Collection // Photographer // Kent Andreasen;  Models // Lebohang Otukile & Khashane William; Assistant // Tshepi Vundla

Macramé Collection // Photographer // Travis Owen; Director and Stylist // Gabrielle Kannemeyer MUA // Amori Birch; Model // Dan Phaala

Soulful Collection // Leather Bucket Bag // in collaboration with Research Unit // Headpieces by Bedoo Originals;  Photographer // Travis Owen; MUA // Amori Birch;  Models // Dan Phaala, Patricia Laloyo & Garmi Klee; Assistant // Refiloe Mokgele

Tacticle Collection // Photographer // Tavys Owenart;  Director and Stylist // Gabrielle Kannemeyer; Model // Dan Phaala; Assistant // Neville Sleigh; Belts // Ilundi Designs; Commissioned Knit-Bags // Kraufthaus House of Wool

Soulful CollectionPhotographer // Kyle Weeks; Model // Isaac Gabriel; Photographer Assistant // Dylan Boerstra

L.M. Essentials CollectionPhotographer // Rudi Geyser; Model // Roldi Kaya; M.U. // Inga Hewett

Taintless Collection: Photographer // Travys Owen; Models // Toyin Oneyene (Ice Models) / Gandhi Mukiza (Wicked Talent); Art Director & Stylist // Gabrielle Kannemeyer; Make-up // Amori Birch; Assistance // Migiel Brown / Jasleen Matharu

What is the REAL story behind the FAKE Prada Store?

What is the REAL story behind the FAKE Prada Store?

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