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J.Kim FW23 Collection, An Intriguing Mix Of Antiques And Timurid Miniatures

J.Kim FW23 Collection, An Intriguing Mix Of Antiques And Timurid Miniatures

With special tributes to Uzbekistan and its tradition of eccentric hair styles, manicures, and layered multi-pattern clothing, J.Kim’s FW23 collection is inspired by the idea of a meticulously styled woman. The designer skillfully reinterprets the fashion of Uzbekistani women within this acknowledged creative history using a design aesthetic informed by the revered Timurid miniature art form.

Exposition of the Collection’s Inspiration

Key to the newest collection is the representation of a woman in a fancy outfit. While there are specific references from Uzbekistan, all women who think through their image in great detail are part of the inspiration. This collection is dedicated to all hairstyles with unconventionally coloured hair, manicures, and wearing multi-coloured furs. But foremost, to all the matrons we know who love layering and bright colours. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; join the Fab community now!

FW23 Collection 

While black and white continue to be the foundation, this season’s J.Kim palette includes new hues that are inspired by the designs and artwork of Timurid miniatures. This collection aims to elevate local Uzbekistan women and their perceived low-brow fashion sense while re-contextualising them with the recognised art of Timurid illustrations. Some key pieces worth highlighting include dresses featuring bright vintage fabrics as well as cocoon-like coats and skirts made of single-colour nylon that are constructed to serve as a second layer.

For the first time ever, J.Kim pairs cropped sweaters with cargo pants

For the first time ever, the brand pairs cropped sweaters with cargo pants, which visually mimic several different types of wide trousers common in Central and Western Asia. Vests are widely used in regional Uzbek fashion. The latest take on the iconic J.Kim puffer jackets includes faux mink fur “wrapped” in nylon, mirroring the way locals wrap bales of goods in sacks, a visual signature present in the brand’s multiple previous items. Accessories include hoods that evoke traditional haircuts and those that fall midway between a scarf and a knotted shawl. Earrings and necklaces are inspired by nail art but also informed by the iconic tulip-shaped earrings of the Soviet-era Tashkent jewellery factory.

About J.Kim

J.Kim is a Tashkent-based fashion brand that was started in 2013 by designer Jenia Kim, who also serves as its creative director. Jenia, who was raised in a Soviet Korean household and was born in Uzbekistan, has integrated her multiracial heritage into her work.

J.Kim’s collections reflect the designer’s eagerness to establish her own visual language by exploring her unique identity. The brand’s designs are primarily inspired by the shared cultural legacy of the two nations in a variety of ways, including unique architectural designs, local traditions, and national dresses and lifestyles. Also, in the J. Kim universe, imagination and reality coexist in a finely managed combination of historical background and contemporary silhouettes.

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