I DO Feel Pretty


The social networks are overcrowded with „beauty queens“ and perfect summer bodies. They force a huge number of women to suffer from the low self-esteem, permanently to look for some disadvantages in the mirror and to be dissatisfied with the way they look like. 

All these urgent problems take place in a new comedy with Amy Schumer I Feel Pretty that was released on 20 April 2018. The main hero, Renee Bennett, is a young woman that is deeply considered in her unattractiveness. It seems to her that she doesn’t match to some social standards and she can’t compete with any other woman. 

Once she got a head injury, after which she began to perceive and represent herself as the most beautiful and flawless lady in the whole world. And that’s the point.  The viewer can easily notice the striking difference in her behaviour. Renee loses all of her self-doubts. She easily finds the new boyfriend, who actually admits that he admires her and her confidence. He is excited that Renee is not afraid to be herself and to love herself. Moreover, her colleagues who were sceptical against her at their first meeting, are imbued with the energy of the heroine and recognize in her incredible beauty with a sense of humour and also with a brilliant mind.

The film aims to conceive all the females that they are gorgeous just the way they are. The only one aspect that makes sense is love! Love towards yourself. This statement sounds pretty banal, but this is it. If you love yourself, everyone around you will do the same. Your confidence is your weapon. People will be totally disarmed with it and there will be no other option for them, as just to deeply believe in you and your perfection.